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Friday, October 11, 2013

URGENT: LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 "Anyone with faith will see that only Heaven saved America."

1. Future Events - Sep 29th, 2013 - Mary

I will speak of future events.  I do not describe these to fill people with fear or to fill my children with fear.  I want all to know that I am above these events, outside of them so to speak.  Yet at the same time, I am within these events, helping all who believe in me to trust, and to prepare.

The words will be quite clear, and seen as true, as the events unfold.  I will not speak of far-away events, but of events that will happen soon.  In this way, my children will more and more believe that I am helping them by these locutions.  Trust, confidence and peace are my goals.

2. Toppling Satan’s People - Sep 30th, 2013 - Mary

Satan has placed his people in every conceivable position of power and authority and they act on his behalf. Many hold high positions and are well known to the public. By their daily actions, they spread and consolidate his darkness.

I will begin a special action. I will begin to topple those people whom he has set in place. Some will fall into disrepute because of scandals. Others will resign because of health. Others will be forced out, even when they felt secure because protected by higher authorities. When you see this happening, know that the Woman Clothed With the Sun is scattering the darkness. This is just a small symbol of the power given to me by the heavenly Father.

3. America’s Debt Limit Crisis - Oct 1st, 2013 - Mary

A default on loans will be averted only at the last minute. People cannot yet see what will happen in the days ahead. The crisis will grow and become more serious than other government shutdowns.

More important, why is this happening and what does the future hold? By its laws and by the voice of its Supreme Court, America has shredded God’s laws on the unborn’s right to life and on the very nature of marriage. It has walked away from divine protection. Like a foolish child, America has chosen its own legal path.

Now, it is entangled in its own laws and processes. No one can blame the heavenly Father. America’s foolishness is on view for all to see. This will not be the final crisis. They will come with greater force and regularity. America, if you make your laws against God’s wisdom, you will be entrapped by your own legal system.

4. The Two Mountains - Oct 2nd, 2013 - Mary

America has embarked on unchartered waters and the American people look on helpless, as their elected representatives clash over the financial crisis. This should come as no surprise. No sudden calamity happened. The debt is a mountain which has been consistently growing for all to see.

I point out another mountain that also increases daily, the mountain of unborn children whose bodies are destroyed. America, you have two ever-growing mountains, your debts and your abortions. You worry about the one but easily dismiss the other.

This present crisis will be resolved. Compromises will be made. The government will reopen but the two mountains of your debts and your abortions will keep growing. Another day awaits you from which no one will save you. How clearly can I speak? Who will heed my warnings? The heart of America must receive a new fire that comes only from my heart.

5. The Two 1917 Fires - Oct 3rd, 2013 - Mary
Everywhere you look fires of destruction burn brightly. Although a fire of peace burns brightly in my heart, it does not go forth. Soon, the Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart. As always, I will respond with an outpouring of my blessings, but this consecration will not put out the fires.

Let me take you back to 1917. Two fires were planted, the fire of love at Fatima and the fire of evil in Russia. I warned that the Russian fire, planted there by her enemies, would spread its errors. So it has been for nearly 100 years. Russia is now aligned with terrorist nations in the Middle East, offering them all the help they need. This is no conversion, no change of heart. The evil fire planted in 1917 still burns.

Until that fire is extinguished and the fire of Fatima is planted in Russia, little will change. The Holy Father will consecrate the world to my Immaculate Heart and I will bless the world, but I want the consecration of Russia that I have asked for.

The original statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be flown into Rome.

6. Enlightening the Members - Oct 4th, 2013 - Mary

Words go back and forth. Negotiations break down and the debt crisis is not resolved. The two parties are like armies, set in their defensive positions. This war is not between Democrats and Republicans, but between heaven and hell. Satan wants no resolution. He hardens the positions and clouds the minds so no compromise is reached. He has brought about this crisis and wants it to go to a default which would trigger worldwide confusion. This would hasten his timetable, giving the terrorists an opportunity to move more quickly.

I will not allow a default. I will stir members of both the Senate and the House to move to a conclusion. The leaders of both parties feel that they must not flinch. My actions will be among the members.

I will especially touch the heart of the one whom I love so much. His voice is powerful. He understands the economic system so well and many look to him for guidance. He will not fail me. His voice will save the day, even though he stays in the shadows.

7. A Weakened America - Oct 5th, 2013 - Mary

I take you to the heart of the debt limit crisis and I speak my most serious words. No one will come out of the crisis unscathed. No one will look good in the eyes of the people. Blame will be everywhere. Let this be a sign to you of the troubled times that lay ahead. America is no longer a solid rock that can stand firm. Its strengths have been seriously weakened by all those who have taken advantage of her. America is very, very weak, breathing like an old man even though it is still young. Yet it has a destiny and an important role to play.

Can America return to its first fervor? Can it regain the wind of a religious spirit? These are the important questions that are set aside. The final chapters have not been written but, for now, America flounders on the rocks of its economic choices. Who will I raise up? Whose voice will point out a different path? This is America’s need and it will be my gift. For the sake of my name, I will not abandon the country I love so much.

8. Calming the Storm - Oct 6th, 2013 - Mary

The human race began as the tiniest stream with the original parents. Quickly, sin and violence, even murder, entered that stream. Today, the human race is an enormous ocean with turbulent waves and gigantic storms marking its history.

It was not meant to be this way. God intended a peaceful stream, obedient to his will. This stream would flow easily and gently into heavenly life, just as my own life did. A child born today is plunged into turmoil and violence. This is the state of today’s unpredictable world.

When Jesus said, “Be still. Be quiet”, the Sea of Galilee grew calm. The disciples asked, “Who is this who could calm the sea?” The troublesome waves of the debt crisis will grow stronger. People will wonder who can save them. I will work quietly in the hearts of those who share in the power. These representatives, behind the scenes, will work out a solution. Know clearly. Only heaven can still your destructive waves.

9. Someone Whom Mary Loves - Oct 7th, 2013 - Mary

The debt crisis continues. No serious negotiations take place. Both sides are fixed. The glare of publicity is too great a light. It is in the hiding that I work to avoid this default. I act among the members who are spared the television lights. I am touching their hearts and giving them my light. Day by day, I lead them.

In many ways, they, too, are in the darkness of this crisis. Their minds conceive many different strategies. Many search for a true solution. All know that the country must move on. Yet, the debt is very real and its burdens cannot be set aside.

Again, I say, that there is someone whom I love deeply, who has studied the economy and the debt burden. I have already exalted him once. Now, he works behind the scenes. He does not shove himself into the limelight. He does not seek the publicity. He works only for the good of America. I will bless his efforts and many will follow his lead.

10. Deeper Into the Darkness - Oct 8th, 2013 - Mary

The words go back and forth, like the volley of cannonballs. None of this leads to a settling of the crisis, which only negotiations can end. So, I will speak of this crisis.
America has a debt problem that will not go away and, in a few years, there will be a true debt crisis. At that time, America’s future will lie in the hands of its creditors. For now, America’s future lies in the hands of its own leaders.

Satan has brought about this crisis. He does not want to wait a few more years. He sees that he can place America more quickly in the hands of its debtors. This has been his goal.

This crisis will not end tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Then, it would appear that man was able to settle this. No, America will go deeper and deeper into this darkness. Some panic will set in. The leaders on both sides will believe that they cannot budge.

Suddenly, a solution will be worked out, just as I have said, through the behind-the-scenes efforts of those whose hearts I own. Anyone with faith will see that only heaven saved America.

11. An Extraordinary Promise - Oct 9th, 2013 - Mary

All the special interests come forth to press their case and make their cause. The debt limit is like a panic. Everyone tries to go through the door at once and no one succeeds. This is what all see so clearly, the clash of interests and the shutdown of the government.

This is my message, “America, if something that is in the control your representatives causes such panic, what will happen when the real debt crisis happens, when your creditors knock at your door with their bills in their hands saying, ‘Time to pay up’? That is where you are headed because money flows like water between your fingers.”

Very serious changes must be made as quickly as possible. So, I will make you an extraordinary promise. If you call upon heaven, not from time to time but every day, I will begin to topple the selfish leaders. This will begin soon and continue for three years. I will give America another chance, purging her of those who would destroy her by unsustainable debt. A new opportunity will arise. This will be America’s final chance to put its house in order. Call out to me and heaven will not abandon you. Even with all your sins, no country has replaced you in my heart.

O Blessed Virgin
Mother of the Savior
Scatter the forces of evil
so they are not engrossed in darkness
but can come to Light!
amen, amen. †

61. Scattering the Powers of Darkness - Jul 23rd, 2011 - Mary
Yes, I say “vulnerable to the light” because their hearts are made for the light,
just as is every human heart.