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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ride loud. Ride proud: Soetoro's morphed into a dictator, The EBT false flag riots, the most alarming news to date, & "Hey Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton... notice all those white guys trying to save a black stranger?"

“Escort And Honor Ride”: Bikers Rally Today For WWII Vets At Closed Memorial GWP
» Police Remove Veterans from Vietnam Memorial fo

This is governing by temper-tantrum. breitbart

What happens when the free EBT money stops?:
The EBT false flag riots

D.C. has become ground zero for America's own Arab Spring "and the media is WONDERING WHY???????" zh
"Hey Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton...notice all those white guys trying to save a black stranger?" Chaos_Theory@ZH

this is getting surreal RS@ZH

» Yellowstone - 130 Earthquakes In Less Than A Week rfn
» Kremlin, Oklahoma Fracking Earthquake — 3.1M occurring just 200 feet from well head sd

If the Leftists do this, it won’t just be a Constitutional crises… it will be revolutionary. "Such an act would be an unprecedented high crime against the Constitution." GB
cluebat: Obama Supporters Don’t Even Know What Party He Is Affiliated With cv

Bangladeshi Christians Told to Close Church, Convert to Islam charismanews

O Christ, let my greatest delight be to see You loved and Your praise and glory proclaimed, especially the honor of Your mercy. O Christ, let me glorify Your goodness and mercy to the last moment of my life, with every drop of my blood and every beat of my heart. Would that I be transformed into a hymn of adoration of You. When I find myself on my deathbed, may the last beat of my heart be a loving hymn glorifying Your unfathomable mercy. Amen. +St. Maria Faustina of the Most Blessed Sacrament