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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child 10/ 5-11/13 ★


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (October 5-11, 2013)

October 5, 2013 (2:45pm)
Tell My beloved children to pray for all people who pray for the intercession of My Mother Mary. They are an especial target of satan. He tries his hardest to discourage these people in any way he can. He even uses these people to make them think they are very holy because they pray more than most. Subsequently he can cause them to sin through spiritual pride. Be sure to give praise and thanks to God for any spiritual gifts you have been given. These gifts are for the greater glory and honor of God and not for your own gratification. Every night before you go to bed examine your conscience and ask God how you have offended Him. Then tell Him you are sorry and ask for His forgiveness. If anyone has praised you or told you that you are so holy and good give that praise and honor to God. It doesn’t belong to you. Oh, My children pray for your country which is on the verge of collapse without your prayers and fasting it could never survive. As you have been told the powers behind the scenes may find out about these messages and will want to know where they come from. It isn’t for My children to know the identity of this person. In fact they are safe not to know. My dear ones, some very serious things are going to happen in your country. Don’t lose faith and know that if you pray you will be protected. Remember all Heaven is praying for you and I am always with you.
I love you, Jesus.


October 6, 2013 (3:00pm)
Tell My beloved children the time is getting close for My return. Will you be ready for My arrival? I know a lot of you won’t take these words seriously since it’s hard to believe that you would be living in the times spoken of in the Bible, but it is true My dear children. Oh, My dear ones, there is soon to be much chaos and destruction in your cities. All of this will be purposely done to cause destruction from what the Administration doesn’t want you to know. My dear children, I can’t stress enough not to listen to or believe the lies of the media. They are being told what to say or not to say as to what is going on. There will come a time and very soon when you will be called upon by your government to make a choice between My God or the world. If you choose the world you will be prosperous and have money and power. My dear ones, don’t allow satan to distract you from your faith in God and how important it is to save your soul. Many will choose the wrong thing and it will be very difficult for them to turn back to God once they realize how empty their lives have become. That is why it is so important for you to receive many graces to protect you from the evil around you. My dear children, get your lives right with God since no one knows when or where the Son of God will return. It is My gift to you reading these messages to know about these things so you can be prepared. Keep the faith, My dear children. All will be well for all of you in the future. In the mean time you may have to suffer the consequences for all the sins of mankind especially the grave sin of Abortion.
I love you, Jesus.

October 7, 2013 (12:40pm)
Tell My beloved children to stay away from the movie theatres. They are a source of temptation and sin. Now days the movies are written by Godless people who don’t care what they say in their movies. Some of the people who act in these movies are also Godless people who just want to make a lot of money. Don’t allow your children to go to movies since they are the very ones who are targeted to have their moral values changed. These children are so gullible and easy to change. Oh, My children, satan wants all these evil movies so they can destroy the values and strength of character of your children. Even tv is very bad for your children. It would be better for them not to watch it at all, but if they do you must monitor and watch anything they watch. Oh, My children, your government is trying desperately to get your country into Socialism. Your president is not God fearing and will do anything (WARNING: GRAPHIC) for this to come about. Keep praying for your next president as he will be the one to help turn your country back to God. In the very near future you will be asked to make a choice over God, Jesus, or the world. Even though you were already told this you must be aware of how serious this is. You may think that you can just pretend that you are going along with the wrong choice so you can save yourself and your family from suffering, but, My children, you will have Hell on earth and will never have peace if you choose the world over God. You must stay in prayer in order not to be distracted by the good things you will be offered. You may have to suffer a little while when you make the right choice, but you will be at peace and you will be protected. So, My children, you are being given a little information as to what to expect in the future. Be not afraid and know in your heart it will not last forever. Know as well how much you are loved and be at peace.
I love you, Jesus.

October 8, 2013 (7:55am)
Tell My beloved children there is so much peace in your heart when you pray. It is especially true when you pray the Rosary. This prayer is detested by satan since it honors My Mother whom he hates. It is very powerful. Please pray it with your families and you will be protected. There are so many temptations in the world and they cannot be resisted without prayer. My dear ones, you are being asked to pray for your country in a special way today since there will be those in Congress who are undecided in how they should vote and your prayers will give them the confidence and courage to vote their consciences and not for their own gain. My dear ones, as we get into the colder weather be sure you have extra blankets and warm clothing. You have no idea how possible wars can affect your country and you may have no electricity or power. This is not new information you are receiving but you must be prepared at all times. Remember, My dear children, there is nothing to fear if you are in prayer. You will be guided and encouraged what you should do through these messages which will have to be given by word of mouth throughout your country when there are no more electronic devices to warn you. Oh, My dear children, be not afraid I am with you and will keep you from harm. Before any of this will occur you will have the man chosen for these times to be your leader. He will be a great help for all of you and will be guided and told what to do to protect your country. By then this Administration will be out of power and no longer able to control your lives. I know this all sounds too difficult for you to believe My children but if you pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment as to the truth of these words He will let you know in your heart. Be at peace, My dear ones, and look forward to a new Heaven and a new earth which follows.
I love you, Jesus.

O, Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul,...I adore You.
Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.
Tell me what I should do...give me Your orders.
I promise to submit myself to all that You desire of me
and to accept all that You permit to happen to me.
Let me only know Your will.

October 9, 2013 (8:13am)
Tell My beloved children there is great turmoil in the future. Some of the members in Congress are being tormented and pushed by this Administration to go along with them and some of these Congressmen through your prayers are beginning to feel pangs in the consciences since they know how wrong the Administration is. Their families are being threatened and so it will make it very difficult for them to make the right choices. Continue your prayers for them, My dear children. Some of these good people will be working hand and hand with your next president and they will have information that will be useful in bringing down this Administration of course this will start to happen even though they won’t recognize that this is the man chosen for these times to be your next president. Oh, My children, warn your families to pray and come back to God before it’s too late. My Hour of Mercy is close to coming to an end and as you have been told it will be almost impossible to come back once this happens. When you are in prayer you have nothing to fear. You will be divinely protected and told and prompted by the Holy Spirit what you are to do and where you are to go. There will be many places of refuge where you will be safe. Oh, My children, this will help you to grow in your faith and love for God even though it will be difficult. There will be peace among your family members and all will cooperate with the divine graces which will be given to them. There will be leaders who will guide you so you won’t have anything to fear. Oh, My dear ones, I know how scary this must all seem to you but when you have God and Mother Mary at your side and all Heaven praying for you you will make it through all these trials and will have much joy in spite of your sufferings.
I love you, Jesus.

October 10, 2013 (7:58am)
Tell My beloved children to stay close to home as much as possible in the next few months. Since things aren’t going well for the Administration and more people are beginning to not believe all the lies being told the paid terrorists are being told when and where they should attack next. They can always make it look like it was done by a deranged individual so no one would suspect what is really behind the attacks. My dear children, your prayers are working and now your blessed Pope will consecrate the world to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart. This beautiful act will bring many graces to the world and many hearts will change and be converted. Many of the terrible things that have been prophesized will be lessened and possibly even stopped by My Mother’s powerful intercession and compassion for Her children. Oh, My dear ones, if you only knew how much She loves each and every one of you, you would want to do all you can to make Her happy. It won’t be much longer before some of your elections in your country. Pray for those Congressmen who are afraid of some powerful people in the Administration. They know if they don’t vote the way they are told, they could be killed or a family member could lose their life. Oh, My children, know you can’t believe what you are hearing, but as you were told these people will do anything to keep their power. So, pray very hard for these Congressmen to have the courage to do the right thing. I hope you are still praying for the chosen man for these times. His life will also be in danger if the Administration feels threatened by him. They still don’t know who he is as for as being a great leader for your country, but once they think they may lose their power because of him and his followers he will be in grave danger. God will protect him from all harm and also his family. God is with you, My children, be at peace.
I love you, Jesus

October 11, 2013 (1:00pm)
Tell My beloved children there isn’t much time before My Divine Mercy ends. Please, My children, I implore you come back to the Lord while you can. You have been given so many graces and time to come back so I beg you take advantage of the blessing you are receiving through the warning of these messages. Oh, My children, My Mother’s heart is breaking for all of you. You are Her children even those of you who don’t believe in Her. Please I beg you come back to the Lord. There are many signs all around you to remind you of what it says in the Bible about the last days. You are living in them now, My children. There are so many evil forces in the world to keep you from listening to these warnings, but you still have the grace of My Mercy. Soon My Mercy will end and the graces you now have will end. Once My time of Justice begins it will be almost impossible to turn back to God. All the demons in Hell will be let loose to roam the world and you won’t have a chance to overcome them. My dear children, your Administration is slowly starting to collapse. This is through the power of your prayers and all the help from Heaven, My dear ones. Keep persevering in your prayers and trust in these messages. You will be well satisfied and rewarded.
I love you, Jesus.