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Saturday, October 19, 2013

★ LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD 10/10 - 11/5/13 ★ By these words, you will know that I want not only the life of the unborn but also the life of America itself. I will be with you in this great enterprise. Your abortion foes are weak. They have much money and great political power but they do not possess the truth that an unborn child is a person. By this truth their cause can be mortally wounded, and they know this.

October 10, 2013: 1. Predicting Future Happenings

I will take a new road. I will speak of those events that are on the horizon, events which are about to happen.

I speak now of these secular events, because mankind is absorbed by the secular. As I speak about secular happenings, mankind will begin to listen. Then, I will speak words that will lead mankind into my light.

The great forces for change in the Obama presidency have spent themselves. These fires no longer burn so fiercely. The agenda is pared down and the hearts of his followers experience no great exhilaration. Such will be this second term. The important events will not be under his control.

October 11, 2013: 2. Notre Dame

The waves of destruction will again erupt. Although these waves will not be permanent they will again weaken the foundations. How long can the building of peace and security stand when hit by so many waves?

The violence in Egypt will continue bursting out again and again. It will be quickly put down but will survive beneath the surface. Turkey will also experience continued unrest. It is no longer a model for building a secular state.

In these troubles, many will say, “They are far away, in other lands”. However, these waves will also strike Europe. The economic problems will soon surface. More reserves will be spent to solve the situation. Many will say, “Our ship can survive these waves”. Look at your ship. It is badly battered and taking on water every day.

What can Europe do? They used to invoke me as Notre Dame (Our Lady). In those centuries, I blessed Europe and sent my sons to discover and to develop a new world. If the European leaders would again use these words, Notre Dame, I would bless them and lead them into peaceful waters. How much I love that title.

October 12, 2013: 3. A Sword That Divides America

I have drawn my sword of division against America. I will divide the president from the congress and, the congress from the people. I will divide the federal government from the state governments. I will divide America from head to toe. All will be division.

I do this, America, because you have drawn your sword against your unborn. They have never lived to see their own country. Why should I allow the mothers, the fathers, the doctors, the politicians, those who made money and all those who have voted for abortion to enjoy a peaceful America?

Eventually, I will even put your constitution to the sword. Why should I protect a constitution that supposedly gives a woman the right to kill her child? I will use the very words of your own president, “I will not negotiate”. I will not sacrifice even one child upon the altar of compromise.

You ask, “How long will this last”? When America puts away forever its sword of abortion, I will put away my sword of division. So, when you see all the divisions suddenly arising in American life, do not ask, “Why is this happening and how long will it last”? I have already told you the answers.

October 13, 2013: 4. The New Slave Class

I speak again of the growing division in America. When a person acts selfishly, they build a wall which protects their own interests. America has built a wall around its heart, a selfish protection against unborn children.

Years ago, America had a similar wall against its slaves. The power of this wall led to division, even to secession and a civil war. The wall was lifted only when slaves were given their freedom and America came together again.

The unborn children are the slave class of America and abortion is the new wall. That wall has been built into the lives and hearts of American, and it must be torn down. I want all to see the reality. The blood of the unborn is on the hands of the president and of every politician who refuses to act to end abortion.

America, you have chosen this selfishness and it will plunge you into a new civil war. You already see it happening. I must warn you ahead of time. Even your constitution will not save your union.

October 14, 2013: 5. A Jolted America

Although wielding my sword of division, I encourage all those who stand with me in the truth that an unborn child is a person. Never, never compromise that truth. Never sacrifice any child for political expediency.

I speak now to all who know that the unborn is a human person. America needs to be jolted back to the path of truth. It will not be led by the hand. It will not accept words of direction. It must be jolted. It must wake up some day and discover that abortion in America is illegal, against the law. It will not accept this easily. Voices will speak out and protests will be staged but those who follow my voice must not compromise. Every unborn child must be protected by the law, as was the case decades ago.

By these words, you will know that I want not only the life of the unborn but also the life of America itself. I will be with you in this great enterprise. Your abortion foes are weak. They have much money and great political power but they do not possess the truth that an unborn child is a person. By this truth their cause can be mortally wounded, and they know this.

October 15, 2013: 6. Understanding the Battle

Every part of the world is fought over by two kingdoms, God’s and Satan’s. No price is too big or too small. The fight is over nations, over cities, over families and over each individual person. The intensity of the battle varies, depending on the importance of each nation, each city and each person.

Like any war, preparations have been made ahead of time. I have chosen some people from their birth and I have prepared them. Satan has done the same thing. He roams about cultures not touched by Jesus’ light and chooses his prime candidates. He fills them with darkness and prepares their path so they gain positions of power.

This is the state of the world. Many people, filled with the greatest darkness, occupy the highest places of power. Others, filled with my light, are also in place. Each day, the battle goes on. On some days, darkness wins great victories. On other days, the darkness is scattered. I want my people to think in terms of this war between light and darkness. Otherwise, their understanding of secular events will be too superficial. They will not oppose the darkness enough nor will they struggle to shine for the light, when a great possibility exists.

October 16, 2013: 7. A Presidential Candidate

There is a great divide in America, wider than the Grand Canyon. The forces of division are greater than the forces of unity. So it will be, until I save America through one whom I love deeply.

This is what I said in the beginning and I repeat it now. No human power can solve these divisions, but I will spare America for now. I have allowed this economic ground to shake and to tremble beneath your feet and I will rescue America by one whom I love dearly. I will offer him as a candidate for the presidency. If America accepts him, I will bless this land.

October 20, 2013: 1. The Heavenly Father's Enterprise

Someone setting out on a journey tries to see the obstacles that he must overcome. However, no one can foresee the problems that lie ahead for mankind. The world is filled with problems, like little grains of wheat ready to become a harvest of destruction, changing parts of the world forever. This is the true state of mankind, which people cannot see.

When a fire burns fiercely, a mother gathers her children because she knows the path to safety. O readers, stay closer to me than ever before. Set aside your other enterprises. Let go of your schemes. This is a time for the deepest devotion to the heavenly Father’s enterprise.

You yourselves must say, “Come, let us give our hearts to Mary’s messages.” Then, you will give yourselves to what is truly important. This is the great enterprise that I will now explain.

October 21, 2013: 2. Fulfilling God's Enterprise

My heart overflows and I must continue to speak. No one knows the timetable of events between Satan and God but every human person plays a role. Billions of people are caught up in this great mystery of God’s plan.

O reader, do not think that you play a small role and that what you do is unimportant. You have a place in history, a call to the service of God. This is my message. Put aside the trivialities of life. Listen to the stirrings in your heart. Listen and you will hear my voice. I need you. I need your prayers. I need your sacrifices. I will train you. I will teach you. I will make your heart like mine and you will overflow with my thoughts and my desires. Then, we will fulfill the great enterprise of God’s plan.

October 22, 2013: 3. The Shattered Vision

The heavenly Father created mankind so that every human person would live with him forever in heaven. This is mankind’s true goal. When mankind no longer believes, this vision is shattered into a thousand pieces. Mankind makes up its own goals. These compete with one another and divisions occur. Attempts at reconciliation fail. People do not see themselves as brothers and sisters on a common journey to heaven.

By losing sight of God’s goal, mankind sees no value in God’s commandments and rejects God’s wisdom. Society crumbles. The great enterprise of gaining life forever is abandoned. Mankind seeks earthly goals that can never answer the deepest human question, “Why do I exist?” Such is the state of mankind, which needs to regain the wisdom that comes only from faith. I will try to help by these words.

October 23, 2013: 4. The Special Invitation

Every person in the world has an invitation to enter God’s kingdom and to live forever. My Son, Jesus Christ, issued this invitation and paid for every person to sit at the heavenly table. All is prepared. The banquet is ready.

Millions of people live in darkness, unaware of their invitation. Many others see no value in their invitation and never open it. Still others see this invitation as inconvenient and requiring a change to what they want to do. Some embrace the invitation and make all the sacrifices needed so they can attend Jesus’ banquet. Such is the state of the world.

You, O reader, have your invitation to Jesus’ kingdom. This invitation contains every blessing which God intends for you. Open it. Follow its directions. It will lead you by a new path where you will find all of God’s treasures. Reject it and you will lose everything.

Comment: The great decision for every human being is to accept or to reject God’s invitation. We make that decision every day.

October 24, 2013: 5. New Heavens and a New Earth

Too many resources are given over to useless goals while the great enterprise of the heavenly Father is neglected. When man sees and accepts the plan of God, he will allocate these resources so the whole world can be fed, sustained and flourish.

Where will I begin in describing the world built without any vision of God’s plan? Men construct a world filled with the most destructive weapons and an economy that enriches a few. Whole continents are buried in poverty, while the natural resources are exploited by outsiders.

Do not say that in these locutions I speak only of heaven. The Father wants earth to flourish and for all to have what is needed. When earth becomes like hell, people lose faith. When earth becomes like heaven, all have hope. God promises, “I will create a new heaven and a new earth”. (2Pt., 3:13) It is those who do not believe in God’s plan who destroy the earth.

Comment: When mankind follows God’s plans, earth will flourish.

October 25, 2013: 7. The Decline of America

What has happened to America which began as the great enterprise of God? How many came to your shores, the victims of religious persecutions. They sought this new world so they could freely practice their religious beliefs. Such were the beginnings of America, a seedbed for religious hopes that soon produced a devout nation which I blessed time and time again.

America is now a nation filled with bigotry against religion. A hatred fills its secular soul. Its hands are cupped to its ears, not wanting to hear a single religious message. Religious signs and displays are deliberately removed. Teachings that violate God’s commandments are propagated in the schools. I will not go on with this sordid list. America proclaims, “We will not be under God.” So, the great enterprise of heaven comes to a halt. The President, Congress and the Supreme Court all turn their backs.
You had a call, America, to lead the world to God and to be a model nation of religious belief. Now, you export your abortion pill, your pornography and your weapons. Still, you wonder why you have declined. You have declined, America, because you have rejected the heavenly enterprise for which I exalted you in the first place. Your fortunes will continue to decline until you say, “Let us return to our religious beginnings and become, once again, a nation under God.”

Comment: This locution perfectly describes America’s historical path and invites us to go back to the road we used to walk.

October 26, 2013: 8. Removing  Atheists from Power

People have plans and when plans converge, people join together in a common task. At times, these groups join with others because greater goals appear in their grasp. This is the how a society begins and how a culture evolves. Even after the foundation is placed and the goals are set, the dynamic elements of that society continue to form its existence (for better or for worse). Mankind, in each of his cultures, never stands still. All constantly changes, just as the human body grows, matures and declines. Such is the state of America.

In the beginning, I led religious people to come to America. Then, I led them to join together and to form a nation. They constructed a foundation, a people that was truly “under God” and guided by his wisdom. However, no nation is permanently settled and often the original road is abandoned.

Right now, America is in decline but this decline comes from its own hands. It is not the natural course of history, as some would declare. The decline results from deliberate choices, from Americans who are really enemies of America. They know nothing of its religious beginnings and desire only to rip America out of its original religious soil that nourished it so well.

I promise to topple them before they completely topple America. But first, I must awaken devout people who want a truly religious America. I say this, “These three years are extremely important. I have not abandoned America. I will provide a new opportunity, a surprising gift. You will be able to reverse the religious atheism that has gripped your nation. However, you must be aware of what I intend to do and take advantage of my actions.”

Begin now in hope. Do all you can to restore the spiritual life of your family, your parish, your community and your nation. Some will have the talent to form new groups and even to come to the attention of the news media. There must be in America, a religious revival to take advantage of what I am now doing to topple the atheists (that is what I must call them) who control America’s thinking.

Comment: Mary describes the destruction of America’s religious spirit but promises to take special actions to remove atheists from power. We must regain our own religious spirit to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

October 27, 2013: 9. Still Time

Some have grown discouraged and have abandoned the great plans of heaven. This is the time to take them up once again. Return to Church. Return to your prayers and devotions. Return to the duties of your state in life.

Return to that place of hope to which I had brought you. There is still time for all to be accomplished. I will speak clearly. Every single person has a role in heaven’s plan. No one is excluded. For this purpose, you were born into this world. Accomplishing heaven’s goal is all that really matters. The time is short and the goal is still far away. I must encourage you, so listen to me.

The whole world hangs in the balance. If you do what I ask of you, many will be saved and you will rejoice. I will multiply everything you do. If you do one act, I will make it like a hundred. If you do many acts, I will bring forth an enormous harvest. Sow the seeds in hope. There will be a great harvest. The time is short but heaven’s plans can still be fulfilled.

Comment: Mary concludes this series on a great note of hope. However, we must act.

October 28, 2013: 1. A Worldwide Conversion

I must return again to the problems that plague the world and even endanger its very existence. There can be no progress into the light until mankind deliberately seeks the help of heaven.  All other solutions are no solutions at all.  Because new inventions can be used by good and bad alike, what mankind calls progress, leads really to destruction.  Evil people take advantage of all that is new.

The current problems can be solved only by a conversion of man’s spirit.  These are the true and deep secrets that I will begin to reveal.  Do not say that there cannot be a worldwide conversion of hearts.  That will happen when Russia is consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  Before that happens, the whole world must prepare for those blessings.

Comment:  Serious problems abound and people look for solutions according to man’s wisdom.  True worldwide change comes only with worldwide conversions.

October 29, 2013: 2. To the Non-religious Reader

So many close their hearts to the kingdom of heaven. They have made their decision not to be open to any religious influence. Their lives are over. They are playing out the string. The decision has been made. This is what I see more and more. Because the culture has chosen to exclude religious life, many have no faith.

Shall I let them all go to hell? Should I allow them to be the victims of their own choices? I will not give up. I will knock at their heart, even if they want me to go away. even though they want to remain locked in their disbelief, I will invite them to open up to the kingdom. That is why I speak each day in these locutions. Many who read them are already open to the Holy Spirit, but some have been tricked and fooled by a society that does not know this light.

To some readers, I say this. Because you have not enjoyed a strong religious upbringing, your heart turned to earthly goals. Religious practice has no place in your life. Now, you are hearing a different drummer, who plays the songs of God’s kingdom. Keep listening. Someday, my song will capture your heart and you will open your life to me. I pray so earnestly for that day.

Comment: This locution, although given for all, has specific persons in mind. Mary invites people raised in a non-religious atmosphere to receive her special graces.

October 30, 2013: 3. Inner Decisions

Is it too much to ask a person to set aside Sunday for the Lord? Is it too much to ask that they join with others on Sunday in communal worship? Is it too much to ask that they keep the commandments and abide by God’s laws? These are the fundamental duties of the believer and they are the first steps on the road to heaven.

To anyone who commits themselves to this road, I promise new life which no one can take away. How important are the decisions made in the secrecy of the human heart. O reader, I work so intensely in your heart and I do not want you to miss out. Look into your own heart. See where I am leading you and follow me.

Comment: Each person must read their own heart, see Mary’s guidance and follow her.

October 31, 2013: 4. The Unpredictable Future

People used to feel that their life was in their own hands. If they were wise and made the right decisions, then God would bless them and they would enjoy a life of happiness. Now everything has changed. The future is no longer predictable. Change and uncertainty fill the air. Everyone feels robbed of control over their own lives, no matter how good their decisions.

I speak now because this uncertainty will grow and grow. It will not go away. It cannot be solved by human powers. In the midst of this darkness, I whisper in your soul, “Follow me. I will show you the way of hope.” O reader, if you walk on your own and you will be immersed in an overwhelming darkness that will overpower all your resources.

This is my clear message in these uncertain times. Seek to live with God as intensely and fully as you can. You will find a way of peace only in your heart (where I await you). There you will find me and I will not let go of you.

Comment: This is true. An unsettled world means that none of us can plot our future. Mary invites us to develop a life of prayer, “finding a way of peace” in our hearts. She will be there.

November 01, 2013: 5. Why the Daily Locution?

I speak daily because people make decisions every day. These decisions are not made in a vacuum. People are pulled in every direction by powerful forces that entrap and addict them. I speak so the person can experience a different attraction. My voice calls each person to a special road that the world refuses to believe in, does not advocate and preaches violently against.

O reader, let my words entice your heart. Let there be new inner stirrings. Do not ignore or stifle these new desires. Decide to serve God, not man. Follow these new longings and live for God. Long for heaven and for eternal life”.

When these hopes fill you, when you rejoice to see the inner changes, when you see yourself becoming my new creation, then you know that my daily words have accomplished their task. These locutions are my gift to you. I have come and found you.

Comment: The powerful modern world attracts to darkness. So, Mary offers a new different attraction. Her voice and her words call us to a surprising path.

November 02, 2013: 7. Speaking to Everyone

I want the whole world to look for my signs. I do not ask you to look up into the clouds, as if you would see me standing there. I want you to be still, to look into your own heart. Find there new stirrings, and new desires. They were not there yesterday. You find a new desire for God and for his friendship. Suddenly, you want to take up new religious practices.

Secondly, you will begin to hear my voice. By reading my locutions, you realize that I speak in a quite human way. If you remain at peace and search your own heart, I will begin to speak to you in the same way. These will be little words. You will even write some down. You will say, “Mary is speaking to me”. The daily locutions will guide you. You will not go off course. By reading these locutions, you know my interests and the helps that I offer. Especially, you have learned to hear my voice.

Comment: Mary wants you to hear her voice within you. Find a quiet place and listen.
Each day, her voice will grow stronger.

November 03, 2013: 8. Mary's Promise to Act

I will not spare any gift. The time is too short and too urgent. Everyone in the world must be given a special, personal invitation to turn to Jesus and to be saved. How will I bring about this worldwide phenomenon? When will it happen? Many speculate about this but, as always, speculation is fruitless.

I want to speak about the gifts which I offer at this moment, special favors for everyone who reads these locutions (and for others who hear about them). Dear reader, call upon me. Invoke my name. Speak to me in your own words (how I love hearing you). When you do, I will be able to act upon the events of your life. I will mitigate your sufferings and bring relief more quickly than expected. I will open doors that have been closed to you, even for a long time. I will bring peace to your marriage and blessings upon your work. Your life is too filled with sufferings, burdens and even chaos, which hinder Jesus’ kingdom in your life.

Call upon me and I will act. You will see my kindness and my power. This will be my sign to you.

Comment: Mary promises to help everyone as she helped the young couple at the
Cana wedding feast.

November 05, 2013: 9. The Woman of Cana

Those who know and love me speak often of how close I am to them and of the many favors that I give to them. They know that I lead them by easy paths and that they arrive at far away goals with little effort. They know that I console them in every sorrow and often, turn their sorrows into joys.

I am the Woman of Cana for whom Jesus worked his first miracle and, for whom, he works every miracle. I am always at his side as an intercessor for the whole human race.

To you, O reader, I want to reveal this title, The Woman of Cana, so you can invoke me and come to me with all of your needs. I will take your needs immediately to Jesus and, right before your eyes, time and again, you will see the water of your sorrows and trials, turn into the wine of peace and victory.

I am the Woman of Cana for everyone in the whole world. How much I want everyone to invoke me under that title which has such a strong biblical basis. Some ask, “Where is Mary in the bible?” Go to Cana and you will find me there. Then, go to the cross, and you will find me there. I am at the beginning and the end of Jesus’ public ministry.

May Mary's Plan for America O Lord
be accomplished in the Fullness
of God's Glory. †