........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Government Shutdown, My Ass! - "who the fk is paying these guys to spray us?!", &, Have Questions On Obamacare? Call 1-800-F U-CKYO - "If the wonderfully unruly American people do not sign up for OCare, it will be defunded by default."

but first, a little enviro-healthcare issue in CHINA
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm: "Now this news from Fukushima, Japan: About 430 litres (113 gallons) of highly radioactive water spilled over a period of as much as 12 hours after a worker misjudged how much could be held by the tank, which is tilting because of an uneven location, Tepco spokesman Masayuki Ono told reporters. Tilting? How long before the entire tank topples & empties into the Pacific?" Thu, 10/03/2013 - 13:51 | 4019258 Sambo

••••••••• ••••••••• ••••••••• ••••••••• •••••••••

SHUTDOWN LIVE BLOG, Day 3: Media Narratives Crumble; Obamacare Fails breitbart


Government Shutdown Not Slowing Down Planned Global Mass Extinction gozounlimited

"Here's a scenerio, if you believe this entire government is run by a very few people and this gov shutdown is all a ruse, then they are more than likely using it as a false flag into the 10/17 finally dead broke day. And with the truckers coming in this weekend , what better time to declare Martial Law this weekend in this region III (DC) we been hearing about? Run all week with some chaos and blam, system fail. It's all shaping up nicely for the NWO." Thu, 10/03/2013 - 13:45 | 4019232 Long Sticks and...

Need health care coverage? Just dial 1-800-F**KYO to reach Obamacare’s national hotline dc
"Hello, my name is Habib,
I will be irritating you today.
Please give me the page full of information you gave to the five previous people who transferred you to me. Thanking you.
Now I will put you on hold for 30 minutes. When I return,
I will either hang up on you or transfer you again.
Please to be having a nice day." Thu, 10/03/2013 - 12:47 | 4018955 Palladin { best comment thread evah! }

Truckers Constitution Rally Info

October 1, 2013 (5:00pm) Government Shutdown, My Ass!

meanwhile: Russia Arrests Soros EcoTerrorists: Greenpeace Indicted For Piracy ~ While Cabal’s BP Destroys Gulf Of Mexico & Indonesia! pvc