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Sunday, October 6, 2013

★Attention Charter Boat Fishing Captains in Florida★ BRING IT & PASS IT ON: the Harry/Bari Shutdown, Global Warming has No Clothes: the undisclosed objective of aerosol geoengineering, &,...

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1....2....3.... Make A Fool of Me...... Global Warming has No Clothes...... "...the undisclosed objective of aerosol geoengineering is climate modification to accelerate global warming rather than to mitigate it – to convince the public that we need global governance and carbon taxes to achieve a socialist, central government solution." gozounlimited

Bring It On: I Will Not Comply with Obamacare
» More evidence that Americans are scary stupid fom

★ Attention Charter Boat Fishing Captains across Florida ★

As you are well aware the federal Communist government has illegally and unconstitutionally closed state fishing and navigational waters within the 12 mile boundary of state waters. (See link below.)

This violates the Florida Constitution and the 10th Amendment when the waters were illegally ceded to the federal government and this closure must be ignored. Its illegal.

The Florida Constitution is very clear in that ownership of all the all navigable waters in the State is in the people as individual State Citizens in their united Sovereignty. The State only holds title to these waters in trust for its citizens and it can’t be alienated from them.

The Florida Supreme Court spoke to this by ruling:
“It is clearly established as the law in this jurisdiction that by virtue of its statehood, Florida holds title to the waters, shores and beds of all navigable waters in trust for the people for the purposes of navigation, commerce, fishing, bathing and other easements allowed by law in the water. Such trust is governmental and cannot be wholly alienated”. Odom v. Deltona Corp. and Board of Trustees of the Internal Trust Fund v. Deltona Corp.
There are more supportive cases to this in the U.S. Supreme Court as well.

I have left a message with Governor Scott that he must respectfully sign an executive order to return state property illegally taken by the feds back to the state and the rightful owners the American people and citizen and fishermen of Florida. I have made direct contact with Governor Scott. He will respond to me.

This issue was addressed to Governor Jeb Bush in the past and he was given the opportunity to fix this illegal intrusion into the State of Florida by the Communist forces in the federal govt. He ignored us.

Governor Scott will not.

Now its your turn great American Charter Boat Captains.


I want every charter boat fisherman across Florida / Louisiana / Texas and Alabama (who is able) to get his or her vessels ready for underway for a coordinated mission to recover your stolen rights as Americans.

I want 1000 to 2000 charter boats filling the water way that was closed and confiscated illegally by President Obama under his White House order. DEFY IT ! Its illegal.

DO not fear we must come in force. I will lead the first boat across the line if you so choose but this honor must go to a Charter Boat Captain.

The feds will stand down just like they did in DC at the World War II memorial when Obama barricaded it off. We now have Patriots’ Guard and Vets protecting this site.

If you get fined mail it to the State. I will handle it with Governor Scott. But you wont be molested by these malevolent evil forces if you stand up strong.

Do not fear God is on your side.

I will take full responsibility for this initiated action and address it with Governor Scott.

STAND UP and be counted. Do not lay down and be passive.


Do it for your children and Grand Children. They are the future not our present circumstances.

Very respectfully
Senior Chief Geoff Ross
US Navy Retired
Navarre Florida

Here is your OBAMANATION at work! pps

Own it Harry. Own it Barack. It's your shutdown. NB
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"If you want to end these OBVIOUS unlawful US wars, demand those with arrest authority exercise it for 1% war “leadership” in government and media" washingtonsblog