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Saturday, September 14, 2013

THE FEAST OF THE EXULTATION OF THE CROSS: Between Pope Benedict XVI's abdication & the lightning strikes on St. Peter's Basilica, the "signs in the sky", & The Consecration of Russia & Vladimir V. Putin

Ray Flynn: Pope's Prayers Averted Syria Strike newsmax



President Obama will return home from the G-20 summit knowing how little support he has from the international community for military action against Syria. When he arrives home, he will also see that his support is divided. He will fight on, feeling that he is in a moral crusade when really it is Satan who is pushing him.

Satan loves weapons, suffering and death. He sees that America has more weapons than anyone else. He knows that if some of these weapons are released in a limited offensive that the attraction to use greater weapons will be too strong to resist. All Satan needs is for America to release one missile and he will have access to the whole arsenal. No one can predict what weapons will be used or not used. Such is the seriousness of these choices.

The Consecration, Comet ISON, and the Prophecies of St. Catherine Laboure unveilingtheapocalypse
"The fact that the perihelion of Comet ISON on November 28th will occur during the Feast of Hanukkah - which begins during the evening of November 27th - also brings to mind that this is a feast which commemorates the deliverance of Israel under the Maccabees. So here once again we have the theme of restoration.
Out of curiosity, I decided to research the significance of the date of November 28th in relation to Catholic feast days, since we know that drawing parallels between important dates is but one of the ways that God likes to communicate with us (we need only to think of the Jewish feast Tisha B'Av for an example of this). It just so happens that November 28th is the feast day of St. Catherine Labouré. The apparitions of Our Lady to St. Catherine Labouré at Rue de Bac, Paris, in 1830 are widely regarded among Catholics as those which marked the beginning of the great Marian age predicted by St. Louis de Montfort in his Treatise on True Devotion. Writing in the early 18th century, St. Louis de Montfort prophetically announced that the Virgin Mary would play an ever greater role in bringing people to Christ towards the end of the world by crushing the head of the Serpent, in order to prepare us for the Second Coming of her Son Jesus Christ:"

MOSCOW — "RECENT events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders. It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies."
Vladimir V. Putin, President of Russia.

"There are many good things brewing in Russia and Putin is a part of them. Destroyed churches are re-built and new ones too, Putin halted the homosexual agenda to spread in Russia and banned the gay parades. There are hearsays that Putin is a converted orthodox & bears a cross to his neck.
The way he just stopped the French/US strikes on Syria was wonderful, & this just happened after the day of fasting & prayers asked by the Pope.
I truly believe that the Holy Russia is back and preparing to convert to the true catholic Faith once her Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is done by the Pope and we will at last get the "period of peace we need so much... "

"The Pope, and those of us in union with him, prayed.
Within a day or two, Kerry makes his off-the-cuff remark on handing over the WMDs, the Russians and Syrians jump on it, Obama backs off, and the threat of imminent bombing has disappeared.
I believe that the amazing turn-around in the Syria situation is due to the intercession of the Pope and all who joined him a few days ago! The turn-around is miraculous in nature! Sure, Putin and Obama and Kerry and others will put their spin on it and say that the reasons are this or that. But, the fact remains that we prayed and God answered! Let’s give credit where credit is due!
I would write “A week has now passed since the day of prayer and fasting for peace called for by Pope Francis on Saturday, September 7. The immediate escalation of war has ceased. The situation is still dire, and demands continued prayer, but we have seen God answer prayers.”
I think this is a major unreported story! Perhaps you can write an article about it!"

You must be purifying yourselves constantly so you won’t get muddy and lose the way. That is why I recommend a lot of water, lots of water, for your organism, and lots of silence for your soul.
Don’t neglect your children because now is when with more force, they will want to snatch them away from you. Don’t occupy yourself in making money or of the material things, but of the souls around and surrounding you.

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