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Friday, September 20, 2013

The biggest case of ID FRAUD in world history, A New Level of Jihadist Chaos in Syria’s Dirty War, Freddie M.'s cat, &,19 People Shot In gun-free Chicago

"Obama/SOETORO is nothing but a Lowlife Street PUNK ! He has the NSA Spying on Americans...He has The IRS Intimidating Opponents... He has The CIA Running weapons to His Sunni Muslim Brotherhood Family... Now, he has The FBI Harrassing American Citizens. WHEN, Just WHEN will ONE American in Government Stand up and DO THE RIGHT THING... Expose The Piece of Shit Living in OUR WHITE HOUSE for The Crime of High Treason against The People of America?
Lt. Quarrels Harris was going to, But he Mysteriously was found Shot in the Head, in His Car, In Front of His Church!
When, Just WHEN will this Nightmare End?"

Facing up to the reality of what Saudi petrodollars, ‘Dreams of the Caliphate’, and local geopolitical posturing have created in Syria 21stCW
The Big Picture: The Saudi-al-Qaeda-in-Iraq-Syria Axis www

‘Invisible’ Al Qaeda Snipers Killing Christians In Syria pd

Egypt: Islamists Vow To Target Christians After Muslim Extremists Arrested In Delga mw
The Biggest Demonstration in History (33 million) - Egypt, June 30, ARSH 2013 crossmuslims

19 People Shot In Chicago Thursday – National Media Response? (((crickets)))…. cth

Rothschild’s Czars BREAKING=> House Votes 230-189 To Fund Government & Defund ObamaCare! - Cantor & Boehner Plan Seditious Procedural Trick To Fund Lenin’s Obamacare PVC

a trick question: "may be", "may contain", "According to", "Confirmed" & ‘My ELF Weapon’

"The big question is why do these bastard companies like Monsatan stay in business?" farmwars

4.3 Quake in South West Gulf of Mexico lasinkhole

Freddie M.& his cat.