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Thursday, September 5, 2013

★ SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE FATHER IN HEAVEN, Your powerful prayers must begin now against the minions of the evil one. THE FAST BEGINS ★

September 1st, 2013
Shrine of Our Lady of the Island,
Eastport, NY @ 8:30pm
Message from St. Michael the Archangel


The minions of satan are once again rattling their swords of war, expecting all of you the sons and daughters of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to kowtow to their demands to send your children off to fight another of the elitists’ wars, so that they can continue to harvest the vast resources of the world for their own greedy purposes and to your own personal detriment.

Alas! They will not get away with their warring ways much longer.

Rise up! You citizens of the world!

Demand of your leaders that they lay down their arms and stop the folly of war – a folly that has been perpetrated upon humanity by these minions for many ages now.

Arise! Oh brothers and sisters in the service of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for you are called upon by the Redeemer to fight, not along with, but against these minions of evil, who are attempting to turn these endless wars into a global conflagration - another horrible world war.

You are being called upon to protest their plans and to recognize through your discernment that it is your very own leaders, who are acting in concert with the dark one to turn the world once again into a global conflagration of bloodshed and grief.

Do not respond to their trumpet calls that are intended to lead you into supporting these wars. For these wars are not being waged to honor humanity as your leaders will claim, but to ultimately suppress all of humanity, when the bloodshed and turmoil drains all of you of not only your spirit but even of your God-given spirituality.

For the denizens of these wars are also craftily planning to usher in their own world religion that is a demonic plan of the evil one to suppress not only your humanity but your spirituality, and ultimately your individual souls that the evil one intends to enslave and destroy.

Wake up! Oh citizens of the world, and recognize that your leaders and power brokers, who are calling you to wage war, are actually deceiving you to achieve their own greed-filled and loathsome purposes, for I say to you once again, they are the minions of the evil one.

You may identify and recognize them now, because their lies and their deceptions are becoming more easily recognizable to all of you, who have been given the gift of discernment to recognize the minions of the evil one and to discern their evil plans for humanity.

I call upon all of you, who have been given the gift of discernment in these matters to answer the clarion call now to spread the messages that are being given to you from the spiritual realms. But you must pursue this assignment with discernment for the evil one is very, very crafty now in his plan to divert you from the truth of these wars and to divide and conquer all of you through division and fear – the two ingredients upon which the global elitists rely to deceive all of humanity and to keep you suppressed.

I call upon all of you now to recognize the danger that all of humanity faces, if the evil one and his minions are allowed to continue their reign of terror unchecked.

It is the desire of the Father in Heaven to end the reign of the evil one upon this earth and to end it now. However, the Father in Heaven is relying upon His children to prevent the wars that the evil one and his minions, the global elitists, have planned to throw the entire world into further chaos, confusion, and violence.

The time for all of you to act is now, for all of you the sons and daughters of the Father in Heaven, who are being protected in these times by His Son, the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

As I have warned you many times before in these messages, the plans of the evil one will be defeated by a Global Awakening of the children of God and this Global Awakening which has already been initiated from the Heavenly Realms is now entering a new stage of urgency. Therefore, you must urgently respond to your Father in Heaven.

The messages to you have been clear on what you need to do now in these End Times. You must begin to pray more powerfully now. Not tomorrow, or next week. Your powerful prayers must begin now.

You must not just pray alone, although prayers by an individual in isolation can prevent terrible events from happening around the world. You must gather your family members and loved ones now, not tomorrow. You must call upon your friends and even your acquaintances to come together in groups of prayer. Never before in the history of humanity has the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, been more present among you.

It is through His inspiration that the power of your cumulative prayers will be directed at and against the minions of the evil one and against satan himself, for this is the time now when satan will be uttering his last gasps of breath, before he and his followers are cast into the valley of death, into the nether world of fire and brimstone.

So I call upon you now and issue this directive to you, if you count yourself as a follower of Christ. You must drop to your knees and pledge your allegiance to your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all of humanity.

You must don your spiritual armour and prepare for the conflagration that is about to begin. This conflagration is not just the one that is planned by the global elitists, who arrogantly believe that they are going to get away with their plan of global domination.

The conflagration of which I speak is the war that will now be waged by you the followers of Christ against the evil forces of the world. Simply stated, this is the ultimate war of good against evil. And the good will prevail over the evil finally in these end times.

You must recognize the importance of your answering this call now. Events are already taking place in your world that have been planned by the forces of darkness to wreak havoc upon humanity, but you will prevent their plans from happening. Now if the time that you must completely surrender only to a recognition of the importance of your powerful prayers in these times, for it will be your powerful prayers that will turn the tide of humanity to goodness to defeat the forces of evil.

Answer the call now to the drum beat of your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You are being called upon from the Heavenly Realms now to answer the call of your Lord and Saviour.

Begin now by organizing prayer vigils that are continuous and continual until the evil forces are defeated.

If you do as I ask you now, you will soon see that your powerful prayers in coordination with all of humanity will bring about an Era of Peace in your time here on Earth.

So be it!

According to the Father in Heaven and your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

the Nativity of Mary @ St Mary’s Basilica - Bangalore,India

5. A Terrible Mistake - Sep 4th, 2013
Locutions to the World

The fires of Syria contain unimaginable evil that can easily break forth to cause greater destruction. This will encompass the Middle East and beyond.

President Obama has placed his finger upon the trigger and is about to fire missiles into this fire. He does not realize the untold harm, the great loss of life and the retaliation that awaits such an action.

How has he come to this foolish position? Satan has led him to this point. If he takes this step, he will plunge America into a fire that will not be shaken off. What a terrible, terrible mistake.

The Holy Father has taken the correct course, asking for prayer and fasting. From this will come a wave of peace that will surprise many. In the coming days, war and peace will clash. Pray and fast for peace.

14. The Spirit’s Wisdom - Sep 4th, 2013
Locutions to the World

There must be an explosion of the Spirit’s wisdom for the whole world to be enlightened. Otherwise, man is doomed to follow the wisdom of the world, the flesh and the devil. The wisdom of the world is the foolishness of ambition and greed. The wisdom of the flesh is the selfishness of every kind. The wisdom of the devil is a multiplicity of snares that entrap people and nations in a thousand ways.

Without the Spirit of Wisdom, man’s intellect is darkened. He is like a blind man in a darkened room, seldom making even one correct decision.

Only the Spirit’s wisdom can transfer man from darkness into light. Then, all of his decisions bring about the kingdom of Jesus. What would Jesus do, or say, or decide, or counsel? The Spirit sends forth this fountain of Jesus’ wisdom. Oh, how the world needs these waters.

O reader, just come to me before every decision and I will ask my spouse, the Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

15. People Helping Mary - Sep 5th, 2013
Locutions to the World

Even though I was the mother of God and the spouse of the Holy Spirit, it was the Father’s plan that I be helped by those who used the gifts of service. How I rejoiced when Elizabeth said, “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”. My heart was lifted up when the shepherds came to Bethlehem and recounted all that the angels had said to them. There was the prophecy of Simeon which guided me all my life. Jesus would be a light to the nations but my own heart a sword would pierce.

Most of all, there was Joseph. The Spirit guided him by dreams showing him to accept me as his wife even thought I was pregnant. By these dreams, Joseph took us safely to Egypt and then knew when to return to Israel. Even I needed others to help me by their gift of service. Everyone needs this help. When these gifts are unknown, set aside or even looked down upon, my people walk in darkness and fear. Many lose their way.

Let there be new spiritual lights, millions of lights of service placed in the hearts of all believers. Come, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can fashion a new world. Without the Spirit, only darkness and destruction are possible.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you all and this Mother´s love and protection be with you always.

Humanity will soon be hit by the scourge of war and with it the scourge of famine will come. Along with war, the days of the great tribulation will also start, all this is the work of my adversary and his earthly agents who want the great Armageddon to begin. My Father´s creation will shake at the cry of war, and the echoes of guns and steel birds.

Little children, the great spiritual battle between good and evil is about to begin here on earth. Michael and my Father’s Hosts are ready to repel the offensive; creation will be the battlefield; intensify your prayer and form brigades of combat prayers, brigades of praise, and brigades with my rosary for you to support the heavenly hosts. Unite in one choir voice of prayer and praise, fast and do penance, and I assure you the definite defeat of the armies of my adversary.

During the time of the great spiritual battle, you all ought to be united in prayer hoisting the Marian banner in your homes and in places of prayer. My Marian Banner together with my Rosary will be spiritual protection for all the people of God. I tell you that my adversary will flee upon the sight of the banner; enthrone it in your homes and make smaller-scale replicas for you to wear along with my rosary around your neck, it will be strength and spiritual shield for dark times approaching.

Let the whole Catholic world prepare itself with the Armor of God, for the great battle for your freedom is about to begin here on earth. Collect yourselves in your homes as soon as possible do not abide in the street late at night, because the demons have begun the invasion of the land and will be the night time when they will be most active; they will seek bodies to seize and take the battle into the homes.

Therefore stand prepared my Marian Militant Army, neglect not your prayer at any time, because you will be attacked in your physical, psychical, and spiritual integrity: remain attentive and vigilant, so that you will repel the attacks of my adversary and his hosts of evil. Remember: The victory is of the children of God and I, your Mother, will guide you to victory.

Your Mother and Lady who loves you, Mary Mystical Rose.

Make my messages known to all humanity.