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Friday, September 27, 2013

★ PASS IT ON: Letter to Vladimir Putin - Please prayerfully consider this request. ★


The Earth has provided you with what you have needed, and what has man done with the Earth?...
Poisoned it, destroyed it; it will rebel with greater harshness reclaiming what was snatched from it.

RevelacionesMarianas/September 13th, 2013

FATIMA: The Vatican Moscow Agreement catholictradition
Church Militant TV on Freemasonry unveilingtheapocalypse

Dear President Putin
Recently through the diplomatic efforts of Russia and global prayers lead by Pope Francis, war in Syria was narrowly averted. Christians in the Holy Land are being persecuted and killed, and western nations seem indifferent to their plight. We need your continued leadership in protecting the Christians in the Holy Land and in averting war in the middle east. In 1925, the Theotokos appeared to Sr. Lucia of Fatima and requested that Russia be consecrated, by name, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope, in union with the bishops of the world. Many believe this consecration has not been completed as explicitly requested for fear of offending the Russian Orthodox and/or the Russian government. Regardless of these controversies it is obvious that Russia is now the solitary nation defending traditional Christian Truths on the world stage. For her to continue to lead this fight for the soul of Christendom, Russia needs the Grace and Blessings of Our Lord and the intercession of the Theotokos in a way that is unique in the history of mankind.

Given the precarious state of world peace and the disintegration of family and morality, would you please consider using your considerable influence with both the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church to request that Pope Francis, when he consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this October 13th, that he specifically consecrate Russia, by name, to the Immaculate Heart of the Theotokos? With the blessings and encouragement of the Russian President and the Russian Orthodox Church, I truly believe this consecration would work miracles for your people and your Church, and for peace in our world. It would assist those of us battling the secularization and moral decay of the western nations immeasurably.

Please prayerfully consider this request.

Please ask Pope Francis to consecrate Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of the Theotokos this October 13.

Thank you,
Dr. Brian Kopp
Johnstown, PA, USA

• Thank you,
the little brother @ apocalypseparadigm

Beloved, rejoice when trials assail you. Let this be a sign I live in you. Rejoice in Me even unto Death. Be strong. Call on Me in times of weakness. Never fear. I will arm you for battle. I have gifted you with My word, with sacramental, sacraments, and a powerful weapon to defeat Satan: the Rosary. Recite your rosary each day for it will ensure My victory. Be vigilant. Be faith filled. Pray for peace. Intercede for those I have placed under your care. Pray without ceasing, and hope in Me.
message to Jabez/Thursday, 26 September 2013