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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"LOOK AT THE FACE OF EVIL DAMMIT!"!: ALERT: U.S. Troops On Syria Border, CHEMICAL SKY ABOVE FT. SMITH - ARKANSAS, DC Naval Yard shooting: Early indication of another government / media hoax, PROPHECY

★ ★ ★ ALERT: U.S. Troops On Syria Border

"A cadre of fools elected by illiterate, racist fools (and a bit of chicanery at the polls)." Putin Delivers A Sucker Punch To Obama westernjournalism

“How long, LORD, will the wicked, how long will the wicked be jubilant? … The wicked band together against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death… He will repay them for their sins and destroy them for their wickedness; the LORD our God will destroy them.” Psalms 94:3, 21, 23

“ terrorize & behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Qur’an Sura 8:12b

Media Silent As Muslims Ethnically Cleanse 60,000 Christians In Philippines midnightwatcher

Tanzania: priest attacked with acid ICN

★ ★ ★ "to call them animals is degrading animals....think about how sick youtube must be!!!"
"al-Aqsa Islamic Brigades, an affiliate to the Obama supported Syrian rebels, posted this picture on their facebook page a few days ago with the White House blown up and burning in the background." themuslimissue

France: Muslim Mob Yelling ‘Hitler Didn’t Finish The Job’ Assaults Group Of Jewish Children In Paris midnightwatcher

Egypt: Islamists Seize Protestant Church And Turn It Into A Mosque, ‘There Is No Other God But Allah’ midnightwatcher

Congressman: CIA Employee Suspended Who Refused to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement on Benghazi FO
speaking of the CIA: Part 1. “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” www
& more lies & secrets: Islamic Ties in Oklahoma City Bombing iotw

Alleged DC Naval Yard shooting: Early indication of another government / media hoax moralmatters
DC Naval Yard shooting hoax: Apparently reported the calendar day before the actual event mm
There was no Ar-15 found at the scene. but "That didn't keep the Mike Lupica from posting a story complete with a diatribe and pictures against Congress for not pushing more gun control laws. He even posted a bloody Capitol building with the words "Blood on your hands," complete with pictures of Sandy Hook..." FO
Police Used AR-15 To Kill Navy Yard Gunman PU
Even MSNBC Stunned At Obama’s Anti Republican Rant During Shooting Crisis tur


...be attentive to the coming of times changes, heavy rains will fall on the entire earth. You are in big danger. Stay united in prayer everyday of your lives. Message of Our Lady - 9/1/13 Urgent!

Munich Germany RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” confirmation — Storms within 24 and 48 hours sincedutch

HAARP rings over Slovakia on sept. 15, 2013

& while 'they' were busy heavily chemtrailing the NE:
"Watch your skies for yourself, or search “chemtrails” if this is news to you. The degree of silence and cover-up of this toxic spraying is Orwellian. ...the idea that someone is purposely poisoning the very air we breathe on such a massive scale is harrowing." zengardner
CHEMICAL SKY ABOVE FT. SMITH, ARKANSAS - 17.09.2013 - credits to Wendy Renee
& mexico
CIA Is Funding Government-Led Chemtrailing Project gew