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Monday, September 16, 2013

another false flag?, "Sarin my ass.": *UN REPORT DOESN'T SAY WHO USED CHEMICALS IN SYRIA, Censored for Talking to a Reporter, BENGHAZI, &, Stop the Monsanto Protection Act ~ Sign Petition

"From Tuesday 17 September until Wednesday 25 September, we can prepare for the feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian by keeping Nine Days of Prayer for Syria, asking the ‘holy healers’ to intercede for all the people. "


BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Washington Navy Yard Shooting Update – Police Confirm Four Victims Killed & Eight Wounded By Three Gunmen? Multiple Shooters in Military Fatigues? libertynews
Aaron Alexis Identified As Shooter At Navy Yard cth UPDATE: White Male Suspect cleared and released. LN
As Navy Yard Shooting Distracts, France Officially Pegs Syria Chemical Attack On Assad storyleak
• This shooting is scripted and right “on time” to distract from Obamatollah’s latest fumbles: Syria and Obamacare.
Barry Soetoro the MOSLEM @tur

“If the people knew the truth, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” George HW Bush
effectively ignored or silenced DouglasHerman@rense

Subject: September 11th 2001 vigilantcitizen


But of course - crucially: *UN REPORT, AS PLANNED, DOESN'T SAY WHO USED CHEMICALS IN SYRIA zerohedge
"Sarin my ass. The people handling the corpses and taking videos had absolutely no protective gear on. They would have been dead in minutes and the entire neighborhood cordoned off/decontaminated. BS." Mon, 09/16/2013 - 12:24 | 3963152 Hedgetard55

meanwhile: All wars are inflationary. Period. No exceptions. washingtonsblog

BENGHAZI: "A new report from Oversight accuses the State Department of willfully obstructing the Congressional investigation into the attack and the actions of the Obama administration before, during, and after the sacking of the consulate." libertyfirewall

Censored for Talking to a Reporter: NSA Cracks Down on Journalists Speaking Out Against Spying storyleak "Part of the reason why Green may have been targeted is that he spoke to a reporter for the website ProPublica about encryption. In other words, the NSA doesn’t want computer science professors talking to reporters because it makes attacks on surveillance more credible. Once again, talking to a reporter is being criminalized in the United States."
The NSA's Secret Org Chart... Shows Endless Reach... redflagnews
Media Shield Law is armor for the autocrats nin Shield Law: Senate Attempts to Make the “Right” of Free Press a “Privilege” freedomoutpost

REPEAT: there is no such thing as chemtrails! no such thing.
"You had to know that this was coming right ? The misinformation from the government bodies that are responsible for doing the spraying started way back at the start of all of this by getting the public to believe that contrails are a normal thing that happen frequently every where in the skys.
While the CIA FBI NSA and the internet trolls and all the other alphabet groups had the public and chemtrail activist arguing about wether it was a contrail or a chemtrail ( = persistent `contrail` ) “THEY” pulled a known new world Order trick, and that is “THEY win with both choices the people make.
Confused ? In other words persistent `contrails` are chemtrails, and chemtrails are Geoengineering and it always was."

& the effects of FUKUSHIMA??

GMO alfalfa is contaminating conventional crops in the state of Washington, and who knows elsewhere. farmwars
Farmers still Suffering from Bt Resistant Rootworms FW

Stop the Monsanto Protection Act: Take Action ~ Sign Petition