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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Watch for a false flag: War Propaganda & Media Lies within the Syria Conflict, The Wheels Just Came Off the Syria War Wagon by 13 votes & Cameron's hands are tied, & then 116 US Congressmen...

Saint Padre Pio help us.

Most Holy Mary Jun 27,2013 LOCUTIONS TO THE WORLD
"Everything is at stake. Everything is on the table. Even though the fires burn in the Middle East, all the world will be drawn in. If a body is wounded, the whole person suffers. The Evil One wants to pierce the body and bring about a mortal wound that will not heal. This is a wound of untold suffering and tragic human loss."

SYRIA: Barack Hussein Obama is supporting, funding, and ordering the US military train the people in this video (WARNING: Very Graphic Images) BNI

Syria asks UN to immediately investigate 3 new ‘chemical attacks’ by rebels counterpsyops

Christians in the Middle East unanimously oppose potential raid on Syria

Middle-East Scholar Paints Stark but Realistic Picture of the Situations in Syria and Egypt ncregister

Russia deploying warship, missile cruiser to Mediterranean CP

No Negotiation: China and Russia Walk Out of UN Security Council Meeting: “This Isn’t An Exercise” pakalertpress "Moreover, after a meeting with Saudi Arabia in which the Saudi head of intelligence directly threatened Vladimir Putin with terrorist attacks during the coming winter Olympic games in Russia if they didn’t let the U.S. move forward with their plans in Syria, President Putin has reportedly responded with the threat of a massive counter-strike against the Saudi Arabian monarchy."


"Just like George W. Bush planned on taking down Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein before 9/11" exposeobama

“We’re seeing a combination of a nine-percent overall approval rating for intervention in Syria, or the absence of public support for the globalist plans by the Obama regime, the UK, the Saudis and other NATO allies. When have we seen this before, and what does history tell us? The increased likelihood of a false flag event larger and causing more public outrage than the alleged chemical weapons attacks.
...think Gulf of Tonkin, the Lusitania, even Pearl Harbor, use those as your historical guides for what we’re seeing today. Make no mistake, the global agenda has not changed,...When their primary plan backfires or meets resistance, they have alternate plans. In the coming days or weeks, we could see an event that will be horrendous enough to change that nine-percent backing. Also, time is not on their side, they need to act within a short window as the anti-Assad ‘rebels’ are being beaten badly without Western assistance.”
Watch for a false flag cfp

my Dear David C., If America falls, it will take the West—including Britain—along with it. cfp

JUST IN -- Formal Articles of Impeachment Prepared RFN

U.S. Military Responds To Obama's Felony Identity Document Fraud

The Wheels Just Came Off the Syria War Wagon washingtonsblog
Brzezinski: ‘Global Political Awakening’ Making Syrian War Difficult storyleak
Not a ‘slam dunk’: US intelligence can’t prove Assad used chemical weapons counterpsyops
& in the States: 116 Congressmen to Obama: Consult & Get Authorization from Congress to Use US Military in Syria FO
OH SNAP! UK will NOT Assist Obama on Syria! pps, mfs-ton

Everything looks set to fail except the option to bomb.
Why the rush to war?

Obama Administration Copies Bush’s Sidelining of Weapons Inspectors In Iraq W'sB

War Propaganda and Media Lies within the Syria Conflict

Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria - Mother Agnes Mariam

St.John the Baptist
Pray for us.