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Sunday, August 18, 2013

URGENT!!! POSSIBLE EMERGENCY ALERT FOR FEMA REGION III, more on BP’s synthetic lifeform (let loose in the Gulf), &, sandmonkey on Egypt

"As someone who is suffering greatly from what is being called “morgellons”, I have invested countless hours researching transhumanism, and what role it plays in my “disease”.. I believe that the chemtrails contain more than simply aluminum, barium, and strontium – I believe they have what are called “swarms” of smart dust as well as nanobots which when breathed in, go about their preprogrammed nefarious missions, changing our very being. For some reason, I, like many others have an immune system that ID;s these invaders and attempts to stop their progress. The manifestations of this internal, ongoing battle are the tell tale morgellons symptoms.
I have extracted MME’s (micro-mechanical electronic devices), strange looking samples with lights, numbers, letters, and all kinds of “that shouldn’t be in there” things. Doctors either refuse to look or they declare me delusional.. I think they know but have been told, in no uncertain terms, what would happen to them should they attempt to treat this bio-weapon."
Adam Roberts / Transhumanism: Genetic Engineering of Man – the New Eugenics farmwars
Racing Down The Road To Transhumanism ! ME

gel recovered from chemtrail fall out imageevent

Synthetic Biology 4.0 lash
Government Recklessly Reopened Fisheries in the Gulf prftg

Video: FEMA Preparing For The Worst In Region 3- Why? pakalertpress
"I saw a Humvie full camo paint blue lights and mounted on top was a, M-60 machine gun and it had Sheriff dept. markings on both doors. I see this kind of stuff all over Florida cops wearing full camo jungle boots with their pants legs tucked inside and quick draw holsters. I saw a state Trooper in and unmarked car with someone pulled and he was wearing all black and a full mask." BELONGA MIKE RANCH
"A False Flag will happen soon to divert the world as more and more new evidence leaks..." Phil Taylor Jr @ Øryr

Killed like Breitbart ? Obama Impersonator Steve Bridges Dies of Unknown Causes At Age 48 cp

“we have determined we don’t need to make a determination.” Read that sentence again. Admire its beauty. It’s glorious. sandmonkey "Egyptian social media is filled with posts, pictures and videos that either a) hate the biased international coverage, or b) is comprised of videos or images with a message that we share this in order to “show the international media” the truth. The reason? The perception that international opinion provides excessive support for the MB, which develops at times to the belief that the international media is in the MB’s pockets. Their proof? The lack of coverage of the MB’s violent acts and that they are portrayed as peaceful protesters getting killed by the state. “Why is no one supporting us?” They protest, in complete denial that this is primarily their own fault. Oh yes. It’s true. "

........@ 3:33 "The Mexicans look like Saints compared to us!"

white and Christian: "It’s as plain as that. And they did not fit the racist meme of the left, who don’t care if two young Christians are tortured, raped and murdered in the most horrific crime I have ever seen in my lifetime... Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey — there was no outcry from any of them on this horrific crime. You don’t hear them on any of the crimes out there involving white people or, for that matter, most ethnic crimes. Why? Because it doesn’t benefit them, their agendas or their pockets. They are race pimps and they are evil." GB

Judge Jeanine Pirro VS MD Rabbi Alam: ‘Million Muslim March’ Planned for 9/11 NR