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Monday, August 26, 2013

UPDATE: Syrian False Flag! World War 3 is upon us!, Louisana sinkhole: HIGH ALERT! the Aquifer is over-saturated with Gas!

"HIGH ALERT! I am seeing thru all the reports gathered that the Aquifer is over-saturated with Gas! This can easily become a serious HAZARD to any of the Residents still in the Neighborhood! Please open your windows and allow any built up gas out! The Aquifer pressures being reported as well as the Geo Probes are showing a high uptick of Activity in the amount of gas in the Aquifer…" lash

Intelligence insider: Syria, World War III & the hidden objective CFP

Zawahiri to Syrian Rebels: Damascus First, Then Cairo, Then Jerusalem cnsn

Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad) ws

"Syrian False Flag - just skip right to the 9:20 mark."
ht: FALCON@0ryr

Syrian war will fulfill Bible prophecy - and it will be ugly pps