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Saturday, August 10, 2013

★The Reckoning: Released Tapes On Rothschild Rockefeller & the MotherEarth religious cult ★, Attack of the vapours, & Extortion 17

"These chemtrails will not go away. I phoned the environment agency and the CAA about these 'chemtrails'. Nobody knew anything about them, unusual for a Govmt. agency, that! Geezer at CAA gave me the usual bull about contrails and then asked me if I had any evidence. I told him 20,000,000 internet sites can't all be wrong. Anyone who has young children will be aware of the so-called, 'vomiting sickness' affecting their chidren in the last couple of years, there was none of this when we were young. Article in the Mail a couple of weeks ago spoke of and I quote " THE ANNUAL SICKNESS BUG ". When, in the name of the Lord, did it become annual. Has anyone noticed that everybody they meet has got a niggling cough that won't go away? Good news for the pharmaceutical companies. Has anyone noticed that they are forgetting things that happened in the last week? has anyone noticed that they are feeling lethargic and in a state of ennui? Has anyone noticed that their Planet is being " DESTROYED BY VERY EVIL PEOPLE FOR WHOM LYING IS A FINE ART! - blizzard drago @ Attack of the vapours

Why were U.S. troops deployed into battle in a Chinook jalopy made in the 1960s and ordered not to fire back at Taliban snipers? WT

the mother-in-law of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is a close colleague of Mohammed Mursi’s wife. Both women were discovered to be two of 63 leaders with the Muslim Sisterhood. WS

meanwhile: SCANDALS, CORRUPTION AND TERROR THREATS EVERYWHERE - AND OBAMA GOES ON VACATION - AFTER JUST COMING BACK FROM VACATION LNO "While the president pays for lodging, food and other incidentals, the government pays for Air Force One — which costs approximately $180,000 per hour to operate — and the expenses of Secret Service that must travel with him for his protection. Hotel receipts obtained by Judicial Watch earlier this summer showed that two days of hotel costs for Secret Service agents in Hawaii came to nearly $83,000."

The Reckoning: Released Tapes On Rothschild Rockefeller: Yes President Putin Knows This Is Taking Place. PVC

"Don’t be fooled by this chant around the country for a flat tax, a consumption tax, sales tax or any other kind of personal income tax. There is absolutely no authority in the U.S. Constitution to implement any of these forms of taxation without apportionment. It is for this reason and this reason alone, that when it became apparent that the 16th Amendment was not going to be ratified by the states, fraud was committed and it was simply “proclaimed” ratified by then Secretary of State Philander Knox." politicalvelcraft

The Plunge In Gun Crimes (As Gun Sales Surge) ZH

"GM is now the nationalized Government Motors, and Detroit is Calcutta...and BOTH of those changes are the result of Socialist policies and Liberal Democrats." TEWS_pilot@GWP