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Friday, August 9, 2013

THE LEFT EATS IT'S OWN: Benghazi Cage Match - Media Matters vs. CNN, Congressman Markwayne 'Don't "Give A Shit" About Obama ID Fraud Evidence' Mullin, &, Coming soon to a community near you.

• Where was Barack Obama the night of the Benghazi Massacre?
• Who gave the stand down order?
• Where are the witnesses who survived the attack?
• What of reports the CIA is engaged in an aggressive intimidation campaign to keep those witnesses silent?
• Why did it take the FBI a month before it actually went to the Benghazi attack site?
• Why was there no autopsy report published by an American doctor on the bodies of the slain Americans?
• Why did the Obama White House continue to push the false “blame the video” narrative days after it was clearly known the tragedy in Benghazi was in fact, a terrorist attack?
Ah, it appears CNN has made some within the powerful Progressive Machine a wee bit upset. tur

note the position of the shoulders & placement of the hands, direction of the eyes & planting of the feet....ok then:
"He's got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the classroom," Zer0 Soetoro sniping Vlad Putin during national security press conference (no not the one above) DM

Coming soon to a community near you: "The entire incident took place because the mother of the home, Natania Griffin, was two weeks late on paying a $1,000 fee to the county." gwp
"But unless the victim is black and the victimizer is white, I cannot get the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s or Jealous’s of the world to even give a sh!t." sundance@CTH
The Home Invasion Dilemma - Discussion & Scenarios MVT
"So really, what is the solution? I will tell you. It is to prevent these HIT raids from happening. It is to restore the United States of America to its former glory as a Constitutional Republic." MVT

the Ramadanadingdong score card BNI

Busted: Unedited Video; Think Progress Cuts Obama ID Fraud Details From Video; U.S. Congressman Says He Doesn't "Give A Shit" About Obama ID Fraud Evidence 0ryr

Rep. Cantor's Dream Act: once the 'illegals' are MADE 'LEGAL',... if they do anything illegal they will be thrown out of the country. FO

"That's when Lentz asked if someone would pray with her and a voice said, "I will."
The silver-haired priest in his 50s or 60s in black pants, black shirt and black collar with visible white insert stepped forward from nowhere. It struck Reed as odd because the street was blocked off 2 miles from the scene and no one from the nearby communities recognized him."