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Saturday, August 3, 2013

LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 7/20-31/13: "signs that awaken people from their sleep of death...When the destructions begin, it will be too late."

1. The World-wide Suffering Jul 20th, 2013


I turn now to all the suffering in the world. Has not the heavenly Father provided all the resources needed for human life? Then, why are so many starving and living in such ungodly circumstances? This is because the human heart has constructed twisted economic systems, because world leaders protect their own political interests, offering solutions that have never answered the real problems.

This is the suffering of a mother’s heart, the daily, constant, seemingly impossible burden of a human race immersed in suffering because the blessings intended by the heavenly Father never reach them.

New river must flow, the heavenly waters of divine help stored in my Immaculate Heart. The whole world will change when my Immaculate Heart is exalted upon the lampstand.

2. The Powerful River and Waterfall Jul 21st, 2013


I see a river, a mighty river. At the end of this mighty river is a waterfall, after which there is no hope of survival. I see the human race, hurrying along to its goals, fully intent on what the human heart cherishes for itself.

I see Satan using every possible deception, knowing that he can lead all mankind to the waterfall. How well he has succeeded, always hiding from mankind his plans for the world’s destruction.

This is the sorrow of my heart which cannot be assuaged. So many do not know how to be saved from this destruction. What can I do? Will it not demand an extraordinary intervention? Even though some will not be saved, I must do all I can.

O reader, listen to my words. Your mother is trying to save you. The time is short. The river that pulls you is powerful. Do not waste a minute. Listen to my call within your heart right now.

3. The Road of Deception Jul 22nd, 2013


Mankind’s heart can be deceived because he does not glorify God. He chooses other gods, false gods that he creates. As the decades and the centuries go on, he completely loses his way and totally forgets that he was created to glorify God. Glorifying God would protect his heart and he would not be led astray.

After all these centuries of having the true God replaced by the god of reason, mankind is totally lost, entrapped on a road of total deception. He is the easy victim of the Evil One, and he will fall more and more prey to his deceptions.

What is the answer? The Spirit of Jesus must be poured forth. This Spirit must cover the whole world, offering to every human being the true light. The whole world must be invited again, by a unique outpouring of the Spirit, to glorify God and to leave behind this road of deceptions.

4. The Demonic Fires Jul 23rd, 2013


Because the demonic fire pours out everywhere, I want everyone to recognize it. Where the demonic fire exists, suffering is inflicted by man against man. The demonic fire exists where there are wars, violence and uprisings; when the peace of a social order is suddenly in shreds; when weapons are multiplied and arms sales increase; when money is spent that really does not exist; when countries, rich and poor, amass gigantic debts; when the rights of people are trampled upon; when people must live in squalor; when drugs are bought and sold; when corruption fills public life; when lies are told to cover up the truth; when lust controls people’s hearts and when the Church’s teachings are set aside.

The list is really too short, not at all describing the full effects of the demonic fire. Truly, the demonic fires pour forth everywhere. Yet, the fires in my heart are still not released. No wonder mankind rushes headlong into these distractive fires. No antidote is present. When will the day come when all the world will know and love the fires in my heart?

5. Explaining Jesus’ Defeat of Satan Jul 24th, 2013

I want to explain the great mysteries of suffering and death. The heavenly Father so loved the first human persons he created that he gave them special gifts, called preternatural. By these powers, they could not suffer or die.

Satan’s Envy

Satan was filled with jealousy and rage because lowly human persons enjoyed these special divine protections. He conceived his plan to bring those first persons away from their very special condition and to bring them into his seduction, filled with sufferings.

As these human persons, deceived by Satan’s lies, followed his promptings, they, too, were plunged into his sufferings. These preternatural gifts were lost. This is now the permanent state of the human race. Every person born into the world is subjected to Satan’s sufferings and to death. I will speak now of my own Son’s sufferings and death.

Jesus’ Sufferings

During his lifetime, Jesus frequently destroyed human sufferings by his healing actions. For some people, he even reversed the power of death. However, all of these were just partial victories. Satan’s kingdom was still safe in the center of his stronghold.

Jesus’ final and complete victory began in the Garden of Gethsemane. There, he asked his heavenly Father if it were possible to avoid the Way of the Cross. The Father explained that Jesus had to reach the very stronghold of Satan. Every king, (even Satan) protects his stronghold with guards and gates. As Jesus accepted this task from the Father, namely to invade Satan’s central stronghold and engage him in combat, his suffering began. The soldiers, led by Judas, came to arrest him.

Getting to the Stronghold

The scourging, the crowning of thorns, the various trials before the Sanhedrin and Pilate, and even the way of the cross were just the preliminary obstacles that Jesus had to go through to reach the central stronghold.
Only as he was lifted up on the cross, did the mortal combat begin. I was there, not merely as a witness, but to engage in the battle with Jesus. That is why I am the co-redemptrix of the human race.
How great was that battle – back and forth. One part would be conquered and then a greater Satanic response would be released. Jesus’ sufferings continued to escalate as he entered deeper and deeper into the Satanic stronghold. By his fidelity and my cooperation, we finally reached the center of Satan’s kingdom.

Standing Before Satan’s Throne

We were together, our hearts locked together by the greatest human and divine love that has ever existed. Satan did not just confront his Creator but a creature, whom he so much despised.
He was surprised that we had penetrated into his great secrecy. He saw his own folly in stirring up the Jewish leaders and in leading Pilate to condemn Jesus. He, by his foolishness, had allowed us to arrive for this mortal combat.

Satan’s Futile Attempt

Totally dedicated to evil, he again used his great deceptions. He even repeated the temptations in the desert, offering Jesus once more all the kingdoms of the earth. Over these temptations, Jesus had already won his victories. He offered to lessen my sufferings and to make my way easy and light, but I rejected his false offers. I would always be the suffering Mother to bring forth my children.

His Final Tactic

Then came the final moment, the ultimate struggle, evidenced by Jesus’ words, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” In his cleverness, he covered over the light that Jesus had always enjoyed. From the first moment of his conception, Jesus knew that he was the Beloved Son of God. Frequently, as at his Baptism and Transfiguration, the Father had assured Jesus of these special prerogatives. Even in the garden, Jesus knew that he was the Beloved Son.

Now, that light was covered over. The Father did not hide himself but Satan, by his great intellect, saw how to cover over the Father’s face.

The Victory of Mutual Love

This was darkness, for both Jesus and myself. We had only each other. The darkness was complete and total. Our love for each other was the only light that we enjoyed and we remained embraced in our mutual love until the end. At the end, there seemed to be no faith, nor even hope. Especially, there seemed to be not even love for the Father. All that we knew is that we loved one another. Together, we redeemed the human race. Jesus and I destroyed Satan in the very heart of his stronghold. His kingdom was divided and would not stand.


Today, he still roams the earth looking for those whom he would devour. However, he knows that his days are numbered and that, at the end of time, he will be cast forever into hell, never to have access to the saints. His kingdom is condemned forever.

I needed to teach this all at once. There is much more to say.

6. Avoiding Chastisements Jul 25th, 2013

There is a question. “If Jesus and I won the mortal combat on Calvary and destroyed the stronghold of Satan so that his kingdom is divided and he will be cast into hell forever, then why did this not happen immediately? Why does he still roam about the world seeking the ruin of souls?”

Remember the owner of the field who planted good seed but the devil planted weeds. When both came up, his servants wanted to remove the weeds. However, the wise owner said, “Let both grow together, lest in pulling out the weeds, you might destroy the wheat. At harvest time, we will separate the weeds and the wheat”.

Human life is meant to be a time of separation from Satan through the vows taken at Baptism. The people are asked, “Do you renounce Satan, and all his attractions, and all his works?” After everyone answers “yes”, the kingdom of God claims the person by Baptism. Yet, how many live out these vows? Instead of renouncing Satan, they seek him out. They cling to him by their daily choices. Instead of separating themselves and entering fully into the kingdom, they are caught up in the world’s darkness and they walk his paths.

For the heavenly Father to suddenly and forcibly attempt to remove Satan’s hold upon the human race would cause what is called a “chastisement”. That is what I am trying to avoid chastisements by these messages.

7. Why Chastisements are Possible Jul 26th, 2013


Satan’s hand is everywhere. He corrupts the human heart. He darkens man’s intellect. He leads astray, incites violence, provides weapons, places the most clever lies on people’s lips. He incites to anger, attracts to lust and to the sordid gains of greed. He enters every aspect of human life, gains a foothold and never leaves.

Man, having no idea of his foe and no concept that he is entrapped by a superior intellect, rejects God’s help, sets aside God’s law and turns away from God’s path.

However, the heavenly Father will not let go if his creation. He made that decision centuries ago when he made a covenant with Noah, and later, with Abraham. The Father has two ways to reclaim his creation, the road of faith or the road of chastisements. I constantly visit my children and give these messages so that the human race is converted, chooses the road of faith and avoids the road of divine chastisements.

8. Holding Us Close Jul 27th, 2013


When the weather is clear, a mother allows her little children to wander and be free. When the clouds gather, she draws them closer. When the great storms lash the house, she holds them close to herself.

From all these messages and from all the world’s events, everyone should see that the clouds are gathering and the great storms are on the horizon. So, I begin to gather my children. I cannot allow them to wander, even though I would want them to be free.

This gift of drawing them to myself has already begun. With all of apparitions and messages, I am releasing a powerful force that attracts everyone to my side. This is your only safety in the great storms that lie ahead.

Interpret events correctly. When you suffer disappointment, when doors close to you and opportunities are denied, even when friendships are broken or good times that you enjoyed happen no more, see these as moments when your freedom is limited so I can draw you closer to myself.

9. Changing the World Into A Middle East Jul 28th, 2013


I see the clouds gathering on the horizon. I know their strength and the extent of their powers. They are fierce and want to spread their darkness of destruction everywhere. So, I am trying to gather all my children, drawing them closer to myself more than ever before.

Some parts of the world have already experienced these storms of violence. Human life is disrupted. Many are killed and wounded. Society is ripped apart. Many lose faith. Others cling to their beliefs but are isolated, unable to gather any more in their churches.

Look at the Middle East! That is the picture of life when the storm clouds release their rain of destruction. You say, ‘It cannot happen here”. Does not Satan have his eye on you? Is he not plotting, even now, how to change the whole world into a Middle East? Only one wall will protect you, the wall of my Immaculate Heart. How I want the whole world to seek its protection!

10. Knocking On Every Door Jul 29th, 2013


No one will turn me away from my task. Because I see the storm clouds gathering, I will search even more for all my children. I will appear to visionaries and give locutions. I will go to every heart. I will knock on every door. When you see this multiplication of my appearances and of my messages, do not discount them. They are a sign to you.

I will bring about a new wind of the Holy Spirit. He will breathe afresh on mankind. He will pour out his divine fire. He is my spouse, always accompanying me and blessing my efforts.

Not much time remains. When I visit you, do not delay. When I call you, do not put off my invitation. You do not see what lies ahead and you need desperately what I offer.

11. The Hidden Doors Jul 30th, 2013


My words flow easily because I see the situation so clearly. My children are being surrounded on all sides, so that they cannot escape the evil that awaits the human race.

However, I see doors that can help every one of my children. These doors are hidden and not easy to find. However, if they develop a close friendship with me, I will lead them in the great times of distress that lie ahead.

The time is so urgent. Increase your friendship with me. Say the rosary, the chain that links you to me. Never allow that chain to be broken. Always strengthen it and in the times of chastisements, you will not be lost. Your heavenly mother speaks so clearly.

12. Do Not Wait Jul 31st, 2013


God does not condemn anyone who turns to him in sincerity of heart. I repeat, no one is turned away. All are welcome. The only condition is to turn away from sin and accept the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Many do not hear that message. Others hear, but do not listen. Only a few listen, repent and come to me.

Although my voice goes forth in so many ways, people do not see the seriousness of these messages. I must do more. I must add signs that awaken people from their sleep of death and I must add wonders that breathe hope into their hearts. Then, many will come and be saved from the future destruction that Satan has planned. Do not wait. When the destructions begin, it will be too late.