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Friday, August 30, 2013

ISON Cover Up, US Attack On Syria to Begin Saturday: "A chemical or biological terrorist attack on U.S. soil, "provoked" by an attack on Syria", Wednesday’s weird alert at Lake FUBAR, &, LIKE FATHER / LIKE SON?: 1982: Syria's President Hafez al-Assad in Hama

ISON Cover Up

"God help America!
Shine your light upon this great nation
that was once the hope of the world
and restore its principles of Liberty,
Equality and Justice for all!"

"May God Bless you all
with the presence of the Holy Spirit
and the understanding of the one true miracle
which is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!"

"Enough with the intervention,...It is fueling hatred, fueling criminality, fueling inhumanity, fueling fundamentalism, terrorism -- all these things are the fruit of intervention. Enough! Surely, it will spread like a world war,...The Holy Father was very clear on Aug. 25," {Pope Francis' call for peace in Syria during the Sunday Angelus, when the pontiff said, "It is not clashes, but an ability to meet and to dialogue that offers prospects for a hope of resolving the problems."} This is the real voice to be heard, and not the voice of weapons and interventions and of warships,"" Syrian-born Melkite Catholic Patriarch Gregoire III Laham

"These men are the Architects of Chaos, these are the men who want such horrific events to take place. They do not wish to prevent them.
A chemical or biological terrorist attack on U.S. soil, "provoked" by an attack on Syria, would certainly provide the excuse to begin a large scale war against the Middle East with the ultimate goal of a complete invasion and massacring millions of inhabitants."
Freemason Warns of BioChem Attack on US City HM

US Attack On Syria to Begin Saturday pakalertpress

NOW: Syria says US evidence of chemical attack fabricated... UPDATE: Diplomat says UN chief told permanent security council members analysis of samples from Syria could take 2 weeks.

Wednesday’s weird alert at Lake FUBAR lasinkhole
7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska’s Aleutian Islands tep

"The 1982 massacre is regarded as the single bloodiest assault by an Arab ruler against his own people in modern times and remains a pivotal event in Syrian history."
the legacy of Assad's attack on Hama, theguardian 1982
»» "I remember the outcry against Israel's invasion of Lebanon in June 1982 in which fewer civilians were killed (in 11 months) than in Hama (in 1 month).
By contrast, no-one said a thing about Syria. No-one gave a damn - which is one reason why many people I know question the motives of opponents of Israel.
If Israel was attacking a Palestinian or Lebanese town with the same intensity as is occurring now in Hama, oy gevalt, what an uproar there would be.
Even today, very people people seem to really care about Hama."
ComplexWorld / 02 August 2011 12:25pm
»» that was then, this is now: Christian Sentenced to Death for Drinking Water Reserved for Muslims Breitbart "Asia was beaten so badly that she was brought to the brink of unconsciousness, her tormentors stopping only to ask her if she would recant her Christianity and convert to Islam. When she answered "no," she was beaten again."

Disinformation Atrocity: Indications of Syria’s Chemical Attack Staged by Rebels GB

Jerome Corsi: Evidence Obama Involved In Syrian Chemical Attack; Muslim Brotherhood Ties 0ryr

TelePrompTer down
The Revelation Will Not Be Televised: White House Declines Request For Network TV Coverage Of Obama 2:30pm Speech ghengis86/ZH

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov to be sent to Syria’s Tartus inserbia via ZH
Assad Increases Payments to Russia FB
Was Snowden’s Defection Russian Intel Op? FB
Defector Describes Russia’s Handling of NSA Leaker Snowden NR

The lavish gifts bribes given to President Obama, Hillary Clinton & others from foreign leaders dailymail

More than 150 Congress Members Demand Vote on Syria wb

"...we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act that would help make sure that not only Syria but others around the world understand that the international community cares about this chemical weapons ban,” Harrison J. Hussain, Malik, Obama, Soetoro, Bounel, Shabazz whatever

Live Database Pull Linking Harrison J. Bounel Alias to Barack H. Obama's Bogus Social Security Number 0ryr