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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apparition unites Israeli believers, Operation Garden Plot: USCDP 55-2, 'islamists' issue warning Christians MUST leave Minya before Friday or be KILLED, sinkhole swallowing trees + NEW MADRID + LAKE FUBAR & Ohio Salt Mine Operations Suspended

Apparition unites Israeli believers "About 13,000 Christians, Jews, and Muslims cried from joy together when visionary Vicka Ivankovic-Mijatovic had her apparition in Mealia, Israel, on August 21. Earlier, Vicka’s pilgrimage group had visited Biblical sites by the Sea of Galilee. Apparition tonight in the Garden of Gethsemane." mt.tv

Pope Francis to consecrate the world to Immaculate Heart of Mary Da Mihi Animas

During the course of a private meeting Benedict XVI said that a mystical experience led him to resign vaticaninsider

"If any civil disturbance by a resistance group, religious organization, or other persons considered to be non-conformist takes place, under Appendix 3 to Annex B of Plan 55-2 hereby gives all Federal forces total power over the situation if local and state authorities cannot put down said dissenters."
PVC / scroll down
Daniel Ellsberg: US on Verge of Becoming Police State Under Obama. mfs-ton
“The filing of endless litigation in an effort to obstruct the will of the people of Texas is what we have come to expect from Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Why is the US, or rather Federal Reserve, desperate for a war with Syria? - "American, Israeli And Jordanian Troops And CIA Agents Have Entered Syria."

Obama Bankrolled Attack On The Benghazi Consulate WJ

Islamists warn from mosque minarets that Christians must leave Minya before Friday or they will all be killed
"Now that the attention of the world’s media is turned to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda will have the media blackout they need to carry out their threat of ethnically cleansing the Christians from the region of Minya. The Christian blogosphere must continue to watch events in Egypt, so that the Islamists know that the world is watching them, and that they will be held accountable for the terror Egypt’s Christians are suffering at their hands." protectthepope
via PatDollard
Egyptians protest against Muslim Brotherhood at White House, Washington Post, CNN, Hamas-linked CAIR JW

ANGRY EGYPTIAN CHRISTIANS march against Obama, CAIR, and Washington Post in protest of their support for the Muslim Brotherhood BNI

Coptic Christians Tragedy in Egypt:
“Nazi’s Are Here, God Will Judge Us”
Fate of Copts in Egypt Uncertain freebeacon
WH Spokesperson Has a Little Fun with Christians Being Killed in Egypt cmr

"For 40 years now integration has proven to be an abysmal failure. These people contribute absolutely NOTHING to society, but keep it in an uproar with their many crimes and other pathologies 24/7, and they've dumbed down our schools to the point where getting certification now is meaningless." FOX News finally admits racial motive in Chris Lane killing tcn
Another SICK “Thrill Kill” – An 89-year-old World War II Veteran, Delbert “Shorty” Belton, in a random unprovoked attack by two 16 to 19-year-old black males who beat him unconscious. cth
“Warfare is eminent, and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.” Ayo Kimathi, small business specialist for the Department of Homeland Security
New Black Panthers call for killing all white people FOM

Racebaiters Of The Day black-and-right
Bleier also describes himself on Twitter as an “atheist/pacifist/environmentalist/libertarian socialist/consequentialist.” tcn

Monster sinkhole still growing: Assumption Parish video shows sinkhole swallowing trees in seconds tep

Ohio Salt Mine Operations Suspended lasinkhole

Geological Shift! Salt Mine Under Lake Erie Shuts Down in Cleveland! lasinkhole