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Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin’s Backpack w/ Stolen Jewelry & Burglary Tool, 'Occupy tools' joins "Negro-geddon", ANOTHER BIG QUAKE in the GULF of MEXICO, &, Chrissy M's off to Bohemian Grove ... but these are the least of our problems!

Breaking: ANOTHER BIG QUAKE in the GULF of MEXICO! lash

Significant earthquake swarm reported at Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano tep

Sun’s Bizarre Loss of Magnetic Flux Linked to Earth’s Collapsing Atmosphere AC

"My beloved children the work of the lawless one is in your midst. So many are being deceived! There is much more to come. The time is coming when Truth will visit every soul. At that time each soul will have to decide—are you with me or against me? My children, great horror will descend on the chosen of God on these days—but also great glory. I tell you the glory will be far greater than the horror and will be more glorious even than what emanated from the saints and martyrs of the early days. God will be glorified in his holy ones! They will be strengthened in every way to withstand and to triumph over the enemy completely. Fear nothing, dear children, but place all your hope, trust, joy, and gratitude in my merciful heart. I am near to you always—so near! You are my beloved little ones. Draw near!" message to Pelianito 7/14/13


Al'Tawana Brawley'Sharpton Plans Protests in 100 Cities patriotupdate
(I’m inviting Al Sharpton to go w/ me to Chicago & demand justice for Darryl Green!)iotw
Soetoro's riot squad on command: Here comes 'Occupy' LI
Violent masked thugs blocked the intersection of 14th & Broadway TCN
Then they torched the US flag. GWP
Zimmerman Verdict Sparks Protests at Texas Capitol hb

Complaint filed with Attorney General of FL seeking criminal charges to be filed against Eric Holder, Barack Obama, CRS, Angela Corey for violation of 14th amendment civil rights & for inciting violence & riots, as well as complaint against NBC & ABC for fraud gul1776
Zimmerman’s Prosecutors Should be Jailed tsd
M-DSPD Cover Up – The Curious Case Of Trayvon Martin’s Backpack With Stolen Jewelry and Burglary Tool… CTH
Holder: Feds still probing Trayvon shooting pps

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liberal-chris-matthews-at-bohemian-grove fom

Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigator: Believes NSA May Be Keeping Obama ID Fraud At Bay; Everything Is A Facade 0ryr