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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

They know the truth: "He can stick his golden EIB microphone where the sun don't shine.", The regime is chewing off its limbs to save itself from the control, Bagged salad = parasite outbreak, & New Rotaviruses

BUT FIRST: ALERT: Department of Homeland Security is Now Building It’s Own PENTAGON in DC. cp

via FEMA camp in Texas fom

Impeachment: All you need to know (and you do need to know it) fo


meanwhile: Sun propels a huge chunk of itself at us… AP

Bagged salad caused parasite outbreak nbcn

Rise of New Rotaviruses Induced by the Vaccine hin

the mysterious mass die-off of honey bees that pollinate $30 billion worth of crops in the US qz


"He can stick his golden EIB microphone where the sun don't shine." Smack@0ryr

"Oh stop it!
Our Lord King Ogabe needs his royal sleep, you racists!"
just what it is that King Hussein’s Stasi has on Weepy Boner that keeps him licking the royal taint so furiously. Emperor Misha @ TA-IR
Former Ambassador: Benghazi “Stand Down” Order Came from Obama . fom
The outing of the IRS targeting scandal was to distract from Benghazi BIN "The regime is chewing off its limbs to save itself from the control."

But, last weekend, two very positive things happened. 10thAC

"Fifty percent drop out rate, I’m telling you, and people in jail, and women having children by five, six different men. Under what excuse? I want somebody to love me. And as soon as you have it, you forget to parent. Grandmother, mother, and great grandmother in the same room, raising children, and the child knows nothing about love or respect of any one of the three of them. All this child knows is “gimme, gimme, gimme.” These people want to buy the friendship of a child, and the child couldn’t care less. Those of us sitting out here who have gone on to some college or whatever we’ve done, we still fear our parents. And these people are not parenting. They’re buying things for the kid — $500 sneakers — for what? They won’t buy or spend $250 on Hooked on Phonics." Bill Cosby's speech at the 50th Anniversary of Brown v Board of Education:
& then: Three black robbers used state of the art special effects to look white tcn

"Trayvon Martin was a violent street hardened thug, depicted as this poor little innocent boy that just came from the candy store after buying his candy and an ice tea. Bull! Trayvon had just purchased ingredients to create morphine type drug, when you combine Skittles, Robitussin cough syrup, and let’s not forget the Arizona Water Mellon fruit juice. Waa la, not only a cheap high, that also makes the idiot paranoid and aggressive! Trayvon’s autopsy showed his liver was damaged from abusive use of this homemade drug.
Now a few things about George Zimmerman that have been kept from the public:" TPATH@GUL1776

"For most sentient adults this has been obvious for decades and we can't look at "Reverend Al" without seeing an inveterate race-baiting shakedown artist." nb

House Committee Leaders Accuse IRS of Illegally Colluding with FEC Against Conservative Groups gwp

Curiouser and curiouser. Several coincidental events that escape media notice… or do they? vtb
Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2013 flusa

Israeli forces raid Cremisan Monastery in Bethlehem icn

Facebook page of Palestinian ‘negotiator’ in Washington DC today for ‘peace talks’ openly advocates for the “total elimination of the Jewish State” PR

If Manning get’s Convicted, Why not Obama? pr