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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anthony Johnson, Army exercise w/ a CH-47 Chinook helicopter in Downtown Chicago, "& the big nasty gringos bullying little Latin American countries", HAARP has NOT shut down, &, Black chieftains+Arabs=black slaves.

"Of all 1,515,605 families in the 15 slave states in 1860, nearly 400,000 held slaves (roughly one in four),[3] amounting to 8% of all American families. So at the apex of slavery in the United States only 8% of American families owned staves and some of those slaves were owned by black Americans.
Black chieftains sold black slaves to Arabs. Arabs sold those slaves to slave traders. Slavery was a fact of life. Even free black Americans owned black slaves. {First Slave owner in the US was black and more history they don't want you to know} Black Africans and Arabs made slavery possible. White Americans stopped slavery."
a most comfortable lie for the Black community: They know who is pulling the trigger when their children are killed. dtg
"Yeah, that’s right. The family, though very grateful to Zimmerman for what he did for them, rightfully fear that they’ll become targets if they stand up in public and thank the person who has been declared Enemy Number One by our lawless, fascist regime." T A-I R
Vigil held for Brenna Machus tcn
meanwhile: Uncle Barack to Punish White Neighborhoods for "Lack of Inclusion" tcn

THE CONDITIONING CONTINUES!! Army Conducts Nighttime Exercises in Downtown Chicago pps

7/24/2013 — Dr. Nick Begich corrects the false ARRL article — HAARP has NOT shut down SD

Congress To Probe Shady ‘Crash’ That Killed SEAL Team 6 Members PD

Victoria Nuland – Another Liar In The Benghazi Coverup Is Fast-Tracked For Promotion FO

Cuban Official: Snowden Revelations May Lead to Neutering of US Intelligence Services nr "He also throw’s in the old Cuban propaganda chestnuts about the dangers of the “military-industrial complex” and the big nasty gringos bullying little Latin American countries."

Tyler Texas Sinkhole Forms lash

Japans: Sakurajima volcano tep
New Zealand
Forest / Wild Fire in USA on Wednesday, 24 July, 2013 at 16:56 (04:56 PM) UTC.
Why There is Plastic in Your Food and Your Body: horrific story of plastic, the oceans, our lifestyles, and our health. www