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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"the Parental Rights Amendment makes federal control of children an enumerated power"

Ex-Sanford Police Chief Was Pressured To Arrest Zimmerman — Fired For Refusing To Arrest Without Probable Cause NR

Parental Rights Amendment: Selling You and Your Kids Out to Big Government NR

Obama’s Selective Service Card Forwarded to USPIS Mail Fraud Division RFN

Snowden's Faceless Accusers wb ""The Snowden case is not about leaking. It's about information and control." She's right. Official national security leakers, the ones who whisper into the ears of reporters for prestigious newspapers and networks, get a pass. They're pushing the official truth; America now has a coordinated propaganda machine.
The logic of the Snowden story is complicated, but one question must still be asked: why won't these officials allow their names to be published when they make their claims about what Snowden has done?"

These are people Mooch & Zero are SUPPORTING! wnd