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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

★Ol' Whitey-lovin' Manning - "You're 'black' before you're Christian...ain't no Jesus in you!!★, Hillayr C’s Pedophilia coverup, Evidence for E. Heinrich Holder, ... &,

Are Americans even paying attention?: the sexual perversions within the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton coverup. NR
The Watergate of Whistleblowers that could bring down Hillary Rodham Clinton cfp

"...shot down, in the streets of Chicago over the 4th of July weekend..."
Dr. Manning Ain't Nothing but an Old Boot Licking Uncle Tom

"Negro-geddon" UPDATE:
the Soetoro/Al'Tawana RACE WARS continue

★★ MUST HEAR: "You're 'black' before you're Christian ... ain't no Jesus in you!!

"Martin was open about his desire to be a gangsta on both his twitter account and other media. He admitted he liked fighting people. He also used drugs, got kicked out of school three other times (1) for using drugs, (2) graffiti, and (3) was caught with burglary tools and women's jewelry in his bag. He also had gotten into a physical altercation with his bus driver. He also posted several pictures of him holding illegal guns. There is much more. He was not some nice kid the media portrays him." kepler1000


Evidence for Eric Holder cth "As you can see, the death threats directly outlined in the case of George Zimmerman are clearly evidenced and outlined. In addition, the names, phone numbers, email addresses of the civil rights violators are clearly identified.
We look forward to your immediate arrest of Mr. James J Evans Muhammad and Mr. Mikhail S Muhammad for specific and direct threats of harm and bodily injury to Mr. George Zimmerman."

Fired employee to file lawsuit against Zimmerman prosecutors n.y

FRAUD CLAIM AGAINST HOLDER BOLSTERED AFTER RULING -- Former governor also quits Senate bid in wake of decision... RFN