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Monday, July 15, 2013

"O YEAH, O YEAH...THE PUBLIC HAS BEEN HAD!!" - Al 'Tawana Brawley' Sharpton &, "Negro-geddon": "El Usurpator", blackpanthers. "incurable Berky", & "Did any of you know about this attack?"

Al Sharpton: Tawana Brawley and Media Manipulating [In His Own Words]

Trials of Tawana: The Scandal Behind the Tawana Brawley Rape Case. What Happened to this 16-Year-Old Girl is a Mystery.
People July, 4, 1988 "...the rotund Rev. Al Sharpton, an admitted FBI informant widely regarded as a confabulating clown..."

A Nation of George Zimmermans Awakened: Understand The Fraud - Post Verdict of Acquittal CTH
"The gig is up – The scheme is exposed – Their entire false story is coming apart at the seams schemes. – But they continue to lie to the bitter end – That is the story of the Trayvon Martin Family and Family Attorneys (Crump, Jackson, Parks et al). All they know is lying – They have invested themselves so much in the false story they cannot even cognitively tell the difference between their lies and the Truth. Unfortunately, the same holds true for their simple-minded, sheeple supporters."

THESE are the faces of soulless, predatory, pathological EVIL: "Did any of you know about this attack? No. Because the media reported it as a “hit and run fatality” while deliberately refusing to discuss the events the preceded the fatal “hit and run”."
This is where you need to sit up and pay attention." CTH

( ★ Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child 7/ 6-12 /13 ★ )

"This crowd of thugs has dragged out the worn-out whore of the “race card” too many times, and people are fed up. The criminals in charge are like the boy who cried wolf, and the public is losing interest in the shake-down industry they have created around the notion of “victimhood.” " KW@MM

in Crenshaw, southwestern Los Angeles tcn
attacked all over America asdf@AS

Zimmerman lawyer to move ‘asap’ against NBC News WP
NBC Admits Collusion Among Media Of Anti-Zimmerman Coverage tur

FBI Records Indicate No Evidence George Zimmerman Motivated by Racial Bias FLH
Here comes the lynch mob. Obama’s racist DOJ plans federal action against George Zimmerman. NR

Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano violently explodes: tremors felt for hundreds of miles tep

Washington Times National Weekly: Obama Birth Certificate Null And Void; It’s Not Gossip Its A Crime

"The President may be removed--- SEE Amendment 25"The PERSON ACTING AS PRESIDENT" may be removed due to "INABILITY"---- (a CONSTITUTIONAL disability, or a physical disability) ---- SEE US Code 3 S. 19.IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BY IMPEACHMENT!!!!!
" Inspectors of elections represent the state. They exercise the whole power of the state in creating its actual government by the reception of votes and the declaration of the results of the votes. If they willfully and corruptly receive illegal votes, reject legal votes, make false certificates by which a usurper obtains an office, the act is in each case the act of the state, and the result must be abided by until corrected by the action of the courts. " US v. Reese, 92 US 214, 252 (1875)
See US Code 3 S. 19 "the person ACTING as President" can be removed due to "inability"." dualer@oryr
► "As a Usurper and fraud Obama has never been the bona-fide POTUS. Impeachment of a person who is not in the Office in the first place is inappropriate. Obama is NOT entitled to be tried under the Impeachment protocol,by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in a Senate trial. Impeachment is the process of removing a bona-fides POTUS. Obama has never been the sitting President. There is NO "President" Obama: http://www.thepostemail.com/09/17/2010/there-is-n... Also see: "El Usupator". Obama is a common fraud and criminal. His usurpation of the Presidency of the United States of America,during a time of war,makes Obama a SPY under UCMJ s906a106. Obama is subject to Court-Martial and/or trial in the US District Court in DC,NOT THE SENATE. DC is wherein the crime of usurpation occurred. Usurpation of a Public Office is also an offense under the DC Code." Dr. Robert C. Laity @0ryr