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Saturday, July 27, 2013

¿Milagro eucarístico en México?, The pope among the urban poor: "the hunger for dignity"

¿Milagro eucarístico en México? El padre Lolo dice que la hostia sangra y que Jesús le avisó
"I did as I was ordered, I asked them to open the doors of the temple, it was about half past two p.m., also commanded to sound the bells as I said. In this small private chapel this humble wooden tabernacle, I put on the altar, also got the Blessed Sacrament as ordered and at about three in the afternoon people were gathered prayed to the Blessed Sacrament station, at 3:00 I went to open the tabernacle and consecrated the host through our Lord Jesus Christ and it was bathed in blood." spiritdaily

“I WANT THE CHURCH TO GO INTO THE STREETS." visnews “I think that, at this time, this global civilisation has gone beyond its limits; it has gone beyond its limits because it has created such a cult of money, ”

Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Harrison J. Bounel, aka Bari M Shabazz: the most despicable, criminally minded fraud to have ever occupied the Oval Office. gul1776

Jesse Wants a Boycott of Florida But Smoking Cigars w/Castro in Cuba Was OK gwp

Jesse J. w/ Fidel...ANY QUESTIONS?!
More Media Deception: ABC Called Out By Slate.com For Editing Zimmerman Juror’s Interview FO