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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Messages from Jesus to Chosen Child (7/ 20-26 /13)


Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (July 20-26, 2013)

July 20, 2013 (9:43am)
Tell My beloved children there is always time to say I love you. Those three little words are so hard for many of My children to say. Why is that? Those simple words could save arguments in marriages and among family members. It just seems to soften the hearts of people who otherwise might be angry or upset about something. The next time someone says something that upsets you just simply say I love you and really mean it. You will see a change come over your loved ones. Try it and see how it works. My dear children, there is so much race baiting going on in the media. Words are being deliberately said to cause division among the races. This is how riots start and this is exactly what these words are meant to do. If you ignore what you hear and stay close to the Lord through prayer you won't be affected. Oh, My children, there is so much that can be done to bring about peace and hope in the hearts of My children. Sadly, there are those who don't want you to have peace. They want to control you so you gradually lose your God given freedom. Don't vote for those who promise that they will help you in your financial needs. This is not the role of the government. It is hard work and integrity that will help you to meet your financial needs. I know many of you are out of jobs right now but if you put your total trust in the Lord and are willing to do whatever God wills in your life, your prayers will be heard and you will find employment. So many of you are allowing the government to take care of you. This is what they want, My children, so you become dependant on them for all your needs. I know it is difficult to survive the economic times you are living in but this will not last forever. Your next president is in the process of making plans to bring back the economy to a sustainable level and all that can and will happen through your prayers and the grace of God.
I love you, Jesus.

July 21, 2013 (1:04pm)
Tell My beloved children to keep praying that the race riots that are planned will come to an end and not escalate. Oh, My children, if you knew how powerful your prayers are when you are in the state of grace, you would never want to commit a serious sin again. There are so many things you can do to avoid serious sin. You can pray and fast, spend time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, do acts of charity especially for those who can't help themselves. My children, so many of the people in the Administration are trying to keep the race issue going. They need to do this in order to keep the scandals from getting any attention. We need your constant prayers, My children, in order to help those who are working so hard in the background to find new ways to bring God back into the country. The Administration is very anti god and will do everything they can to keep God out of the Constitution and all public schools and places they can have influence. The fight is getting stronger and the evil forces are getting weaker. There is great joy and hope for the future of your country. Keep your faith and trust in God and you can't fail.
I love you, Jesus.

July 22, 2013 (9:09am)
Tell My beloved children to give praise and thanks to God. He heard your prayers and the riots that were supposed to happen were relatively insignificant. Oh, the power of prayer! My dear ones, there is still more work to be done to get this Administration out of office. You must call and write your Congressman and tell them to investigate all the scandals that were brought to the attention of the public. This Administration and all those working with them are still desperately trying to take the attention away from them so they can continue their evil agenda. As you have been told there are many working with your new president to help him put into effect new plans that will defeat those of this Administration. Oh, My children, there is so much more to come before your new president will be able to take his place in the Administration to come. I know you are always asked to have patience and trust, but that is what it will take before all these messages will finally be confirmed and come to fruition.
I love you, Jesus.

SAINT NICHOLAS OF TOLENTINO, Patron of the Souls in Purgatory

July 23, 2013 (9:46am)
Tell My beloved children to always remember to pray for the holy souls in Purgatory. Sadly many of My children don't believe there is such a place. The devil has planted that thought in so many minds. These souls need prayers. Many of them only need a few Masses to allow them entry into Heaven. Some will have to wait until the end of the world since no one is praying for them. They can do so much for you who are on earth through their powerful prayers of intercession, but they can't help themselves. You must pray for them, My children. There is so much suffering for them until you pray for them. Your prayers relieve them of some of their suffering. Don't think that just because someone lived a holy life on earth that they are in Heaven. They received many more graces and have more to answer for. My dear ones, there are still those who are trying to stir the emotions of the races so they will cause dissension and hatred among them. Listen to the fiery rhetoric of some of these people. They are determined to cause race riots. Happily a lot of you are aware of what they are up to and are not being influenced by their anger and hatred. Oh, My children, if you could only know what good is being done by those behind the scenes who love this country and want to get it back to where it was founded under one God and the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. This is all going to happen in the future My dear children through your prayers, faith and trust.
I love you, Jesus.

NASA and Comet ISON: The Hopi Blue Star Comet

July 24, 2013 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children there is very little time left before the 2nd coming of the Lord. The signs are all here if you look for them. This is not the end of the world or the final judgement. This will be the end of the time as you know it and the ushering in of the new world and peace. My children, this will be a new heaven and a new earth where there will be harmony in everyone's lives. All tears will be wiped away. You are now thinking how could this possibly happen? As you were told before this occurs you will have much to suffer. This is why it is so important to be spiritually prepared for anything. You may be asked to witness for your faith and even face death or imprisonment. All these things could happen so you must be prepared. You will be told what to do before all this happens and know that if you are in prayer you will be safe and protected. This period of time won't last long but it will seem longer due to the suffering. My dear ones, don't take these words as ones to cause fear. As you were told I am with you and will protect you. Before all this happens your country will be under a new president chosen for these times who through the help of God will save your Constitution from being destroyed. I know this is a lot to learn but you have been given information all along of these things that are to come. Be at peace in the love of the Lord, My dear children.
I love you, Jesus.

July 25, 2013 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children not to be afraid of anything that may happen in the future. I am with you to help you go through any trials you may have to face. Just stay in prayer and you will have My peace. My dear ones, are you aware of the serious sins you commit? Do you know if you die with serious unrepentant sins you can go to Hell for all eternity? Most of My children think they have plenty of time to confess their sins before they die and keep putting off going to Confession. When you are in the state of mortal sin the devil can have more control over your soul. He will try to convince you that your sins are not serious and that everybody commits these sins so it's ok. My dear ones, take no chances of losing your souls. Get to Confession as soon as you can and get back into God's graces. My dear children, there are so many people who are still trying to cause the races to go against one another. It won't be as bad as it was planned to be regarding race riots. Your prayers had a lot to do with is. There may still be riots but not to the extent that was originally planned. Continue your prayers, My dear ones. The battle is on and we win.
I love you, Jesus.

July 26, 2013 (9:32am)
Tell My beloved children to be aware of all the good you see in others. Especially look for goodness in family members. Far too many of My children focus on the bad things in a person's life. They see all their faults and shortcomings and this is what causes problems in families. Today make a concerted effort to see the value and gifts of your family. Look for virtues they have and try to emulate the good you find. Everyone has some good in them you just have to see with your heart in order to be made aware of it. Oh, My children, look around the country and see how some of the leaders of individual states are corrupt. They cheat and lie and make life difficult for those they are leaders of. Oh, My children, this corruption has got to stop. You need to vote for men and women of integrity and sound moral principles. You must make an effort to see what their background is and what their values are. If more of My children took seriously those who they vote for and checked out their moral values before they casted a vote, you wouldn't have so many corrupt officials in office. My dear ones, continue your prayers, trust and hope for the future.
I love you, Jesus.