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Saturday, July 20, 2013

LaSinkHole UPDATE: Tense Watch on El Barfo, Bâri′ M. Shabazz: OUR CREEPY HALF-CRACKER/HALF-NIGGA, USURPER, Unmarked Military Base Discovered in Las Vegas?

Barack Obama’s Twitter Account Calls His Own Remarks Today: “Powerful” RFN

Hannity Blasts Obama’s Speech, Asks If He’s Like Trayvon Because ‘He Smoked Pot’ And ‘Did A Little Blow’ PD

"In a recent statement, President Obama hinted that he has the authority to initiate domestic drone strikes against American citizens, though he suggested the rules for such attacks inside of the United States would be different from those governing actions on foreign soil." Phillip Steel's ordinance: a “pre-emptive strike” against a “virtual prison” being created through continued expansion of the surveillance state. shtfp
speaking of “virtual prison” being created: inside-google-hq-what-does-the-future-hold-for-the-company-whose-visionary-plans-include-implanting-a-chip-in-our-brains i.c.u

This would be humorous if it were not that these beliefs betray mental illness. FO "Zimmerman is offensive to the black community because his actions do not comport with black entitlement. .. It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman is not racist any more than it matters that the white man didn’t rape Tawana Brawley or that a landlord performed no racially motivated act. What matters is that a “white-enough” person did not make himself subservient to a black teenager."

For anyone who actually thinks that Obama is not a racist...THINK AGAIN!... GUL1776
BOMBSHELL… Barry Soetoro is Registered to Vote in Washington D.C. and Barack Obama Still Votes in Illinois FO
Bâri′'s Bash mobs lat
LA Times Covered Up ‘Looting For Trayvon’ Riot iw

"Mamas, don’t be fooled. Obama personal colleagues like Al Sharpton are there to take your attention away from what is happening to life as a citizen in his self-styled protests in more than 100 American cities. Sharpton is leading American sons and daughters into dangerous situations." CFP

waiting for the next big event lash

Bayou Corne LA 2013 July 20th 12:03 am

Unmarked Military Base Discovered in Las Vegas? IWB "This is up street from our house, my husband spotted it first. #1- there is no reason for them to be 'hidden' behind abandoned dealership when we have big bases right here on this side of town even, where they can park them w tons of land! We have Nellis & Creech. No excuse to be in residential neighborhood says our Air Force friend who doesn't know why they're there either!!! #2 When any work is done on them, there is police escorts, unbelievable security, huge fences. #3 they just happened to be camoed to match our desert terrain. If they were preparing to go to another destination they could be any color." A Glamper Story

from a gleam in Elizabeth Warren’s eye to a precocious young bank regulator spying on millions of Americans’ financial transactions. dc

The Great Wall Of Detroit iotw

Senator Rubio Didn't Know Own Bill Allows Someone To Forge Two Passports Conclusion: Not fit for office. gul1776