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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 5 & 6 Update: Our Lady's Apparitions at Caritas, info for summer feeding of feral cats, &, A Great Spangled Fritillary

July 5 & 6 Update: Our Lady's Apparitions at Caritas medjugorje

"I now invite you to live with this purpose in mind. Live as saints. Follow My precepts, and keep My commandments. Lead others back to Me by example." message to Jabez 7/8/13

"A Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele) also visited the Swamp Milkweed, though it never turned around for a proper portrait." winterwoman

we are posting this due to maggots infesting the wet food @ the feeding station for our ferals...in a very short time!!...quite disgusting!!...& we have deemed to feed only dry for the rest of the summer as these animals come at different feeding times & it is impossible to keep the food free of fly eggs until they arrive ... & eat whatever is there, infested or not!!
"Although this is pretty disgusting, and the cats may reject the food entirely if it’s too riddled with the yellow egg pockets, a cat’s digestive juices will kill the eggs, and it isn’t a source of parasites the way feces-born parasites are. Even so, avoid the presence of flies and their eggs by feeding at sundown if at all possible." animalalliancenyc

Feral friends: caring for feral cats

Feral & Colony Cat Feeding Stations and Shelters

prayers for our pets