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Sunday, July 7, 2013

another day in the immoral state of America: Bambam golfs, Johnfk*gKerry yachts, COPTIC CHRISTIANS ARE BEING MURDERED, Cairo Burns & the West Coast is under a HAARP attack !!

"the pastoral questions remain, and we need to remember that our gay friends and brothers and sisters are dear people beloved by God for whom also Christ died, even when their desires result in a contortion of Christian teaching. We all stand under the judgement and salvation of the Cross, beggars all." CWR

while Soetoro Soebarkah Obama BOUNEL was golfing PR
Confirmed: Obama Aligned With Muslim Brotherhood To Have Role In Egyptian Government gwp
► "John Kerry? How does a man dishonorably discharged from the Navy hide it this long?" jainphx
► & then there'z Jonny Mac:
John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets & POWs FJ
they dare not utter the word “coup”: "Instead, we see the same Obama administration that is on a worldwide manhunt for pro-transparency whistle-blower Edward Snowden demand that the Egyptian military exercise “political transparency” in its dealings with the ousted Muslim Brotherhood-led government." FO
Islamic Compounds in America are Training for Jihad JMM
MEANWHILE, IN CANADA: Muslim pedestrian pulls out a sword and attacks driver BNI

I predict a verdict of not guilty on both counts. saf


West Coast Under HAARP Attack ? BIN

Over a Foot of Hail Swamps New Mexico Town weather