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Saturday, July 13, 2013

2 amazing Miracles, HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda, &, POLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE: "Don’t even think about pulling that crap ... We are not England, not France, not Sweden." ... meanwhile, in CHICAGO

Manifestaciones en Imágenes religiosas - Junio 2013
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Baby girl pronounced dead at birth 'comes back to life' three hours later after being left on hospital chapel’s altar "The body of Yasmin Gomes had been placed in a box and left in the chapel at the hospital in Londrina, south Brazil, by a nurse who 'couldn't face sending her to the morgue', according to reports.
But when the newborn's grieving grandmother arrived with a mortician to pick up her body for burial they were stunned when the baby suddenly kicked one of her legs, then opened her eyes."

Man swims 5 hours to save family after boat capsizes off Maryland coast fox

"Don’t even think about pulling the kind crap you are allowed to get away with in Western Europe. We are not England, not France, not Sweden." BNI
speaking of Poland: the agenda of a secretive five-day meeting of European exorcists in Poland. telegraph
meanwhile, in CHICAGO: Founder of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Chicago: "We demand a state ruled by the Koran...Let Britain, America, and the entire West go to hell, because the caliphate is coming" JW

"obama is a fake and it stinks, and i hope this country gets it’s act together very soon, to move through this most dreadful period of american history." scott erlandson @ greeleygazette

Identify the enemy: the war against the Constitutionalists

GOP Rep. Intends to ‘Investigate, Identify and Prosecute People Within the Administration, Up to and Including the President’ theblaze

Video: Attorney Phil Berg Talks Obama ID Fraud; Going After National Media Starting With NBC oryr

Shock Audio: Rep. Kay Granger Staff Dodges Obama Fraud; Man Locked Up By Secret Service oryr

The Media Lynching Of George Zimmerman… WT
Employee of Florida State Attorney's Office who testified under oath that prosecutors withheld evidence from George Zimmerman's defense team has been fired RFN

Snowden reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda saf

Pitts Report

The Grocery Store Blacklist:
sneaky food corporations

► 5 Scary Food Secrets Corporations Don’t Want You to Know mytechnologyworld9