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Friday, June 28, 2013

WHAT AMERICAN MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT SYRIA, two faces of the puppet master: WI-FI in schools & little girls, &, Dover Delaware Airforce Base — RADAR pulse across the spectrum

Pope Francis: The Mystery of God's patience
Da Mihi Animas

Domine Iesu, dimitte nobis debita nostra,
salva nos ab igne inferiori,
perduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim eas,
quae misericordiae tuae maxime indigent.

"Anti-Semitism is sinful and unchristian. Those who crucified Jesus are to be pitied. Even Jesus said concerning them: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34). But we need not deny or rewrite history in the process. We are now living in a post-Christian culture. If Gibson would have produced a movie depicting Jesus as a homosexual, the liberal, “politically correct,” anti-Christian forces would have been the first to defend the undertaking under the guise of “artistic license,” “free speech,” and “creativity.” But dare to venture into spiritual reality by showing the historicity of sinful man mistreating the Son of God, and the champions of moral degradation and hedonism raise angry, bitter voices of protest. The irony of the ages is—He died even for them." Dave Miller, Ph.D.


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WHAT AMERICAN MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU: "Until this war started 2 years ago, Syria was one of the few places in the middle east where Christians, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Alawites & Jews all lived in peace with each other."

News: Street fight PR

all aspects of microwave warfare - Former: MI5 Agent Dr. Barrie Trower | Dangerous Radiation Everywhere (bees 33:50, Wi-Fi 38:15!)
Dover Delaware Airforce Base — RADAR pulse across the spectrum SD

"... the two faces of the puppet master are designed to alternately remove our rights – or our defenses – steamrolling and mind-controlling anyone who gets in the way of the very dark side. (“You’re either with us [as we march to Hell] or against us.”) Emma Yacht
Twitter explodes with violent threats over Zimmerman trial TCN
The Lynching of Zimmerman pr
BOOM! Trayvon Key Witness Dismantles State's Case Against Zimmerman GWP

royal monarch parasites: THE SELF PROCLAIMED MASTERS ARE ENTITLED. "This means to them that achieving their narcissism its completely allowable to lie, steal, swindle, murder, foment wars, depopulate through eco-terrorism, foment immorality to weaken societies, devise, pick & choose laws & regulations to use against freedom, castigate, dumb down, invert psychological health, invert biological health, rewrite history by suppression of facts, enslave, commit attrition against their fellow man, etc etc etc." PVC
Hillary Super PAC fundraiser linked to Soros, Media Matters PD
What % of the population is homosexual?
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House Speaker John Boehner: The House “Will Not Take Up or Vote” on the Senate Immigration Bill FLH

Indictment of Barack Obama- Part Three PR

Barry’s Coincidences! pvc