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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

US DESTROYER Bâri′M.Shabazz takes another direct hit, DECIBEL RESEARCH= RADAR pulse epicenter, carefully orchestrated Monsanto PR deception campaign, &, typical occult elite assassination


Marilyn Monroe: the profile of a typical occult elite assassination VC "Like many others after her, she was a celebrity who was exploited when she was useful and eliminated when her programming started to break down."


Once our minds are enslaved fo

US DESTROYER Bâri′M.Shabazz takes another direct hit: secret government email accounts

BENGHAZI: the worst scandal in American history. "There will be no support for Obama from Congress and the military leadership is culpable. They may have been under orders to stand down but their actions have left them complicit. At this point, Obama should be concerned about retribution from the military to regain their honor in what will become the nation's worst scandal in our history."
Scandal the investigation of the suspicion raised by The New York Times, The Washington Post, & Politico that President Obamas first nominee to the Supreme Court, Then-Judge Sotomayor, had concealed assets, can have the gravest consequences, including calls for their resignation or impeachment, & the first-ever investigation of the Federal Judiciary BIN

Senator Marco Rubio Flustered: Show Me Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Evidence

Video: Obama Columbia Classmates: We Never Met Or Saw Obama; Records Sealed oryr

FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied to Protect “National Security” www

Directly at the pulse epicenter is a company called DECIBEL RESEARCH: Guess what they specialize in? sd "Huntsville, Alabama – June 4, 2013 – In the late afternoon, an odd circular shaped RADAR pulse was seen on NEXRAD RADAR (weather radar). Several people reported it, and local meteorologists are ‘baffled’ at what it could be."

Monsanto’s Deception Game on GMO in Europe farmwars
1500 Acres of GM Wheat Trials Receive Okay by USDA FW