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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE TRUTH IS VERY OLD - the lies are the new sht: "he came out with guns blazing", FIRST SAUDI SUSPECT, WHERE IS HE?, &, dear dismayed scientists, it's called CHEMTRAILS!!,

"The source of information does not necessarily define its validity."
"Truth, by its very nature, is intolerant." PR

"They set the brothers up, that is why they have refused to bring any charges yet. The only evidence they have was manufactured by the FBI. They got themselves screwed over with the public taking videos with their phones. Likewise, many videos show a stagging to display a bombing! The mastermind that showed a bombing was at the bombing and the bombs were placed exactly where he had previously written they would be at. Also of note is that everything from the Oklahoma bombing, the tein towers, aurora, sandyhook, and boston bombing all had one thing in common.... DHS was there prior to these incidents doing drills in response to said actions. They also have paperwork showing that they have hired Crisis actors for these events!!!" TruthandFreedom (scroll all the way down)

FIRST SAUDI SUSPECT, WHERE IS HE?: Napolitano could serve “jail time for perjury,” Beck declared, and she will be “the first to fall.”

Mass Surveillance, Secret Courts and Death to Whistleblowers 10thac

"he came out with guns blazing" btr

Bombshell: Police Chief Mark Kessler On Obama ID Fraud; Obama Not Kenyan Or American
"Not an American
Not a Kenyan
Not his real parents
No record of him in the US for first 5 years of his life "

"Mr. Cosby. Please tell me you were making a joke?" Allen West

200 Miles of Louisiana Coast Still Spoiled by BP Oil lash
► "we have grown up since Watergate. We know all-ll-ll about dirty tricks, sabotage, Karen Silkwood and all this stuff you think you can keep secret." lash

dear 'dismay scientists', it's called CHEMTRAILS!!: Earth’s atmosphere morphing- Early formation of noctilucent clouds dismay scientists tep

Mexico / Texas Plume Generators — multiple stations producing ionized clouds

"It may be THE MOST SHOCKING admission ever about Vatican II .. and no one is talking about it .. yet!'

"Exposing an expanding police state makes someone a traitor? No, that makes the government treasonous." nikos1121
"Keep your eye on the BALL! BENGHAZI and only BENGHAZI takes them ALL DOWN!" cumbo78
"HOLY cow. Snowden told the AMERICAN PEOPLE that our government is essentially committing treason. And he had to flee for his life. They’re accusing HIM of treason for squealing on THEM." Sopater
Edward Snowden "An American Hero" RCP
How easy would it be to blackmail a Supreme Court Justice?: Did NSA use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare? RFN

Tim Tebow, New England Patriot
ESPN’s Ed Werder broke the shocking news via Twitter late Monday afternoon. freerepublic

Sharia in action in Egypt: Christian teacher convicted of blasphemy jw

Soi Dog Foundation