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Friday, June 7, 2013

"rammed"&"jammed": We are all terrorist NOW, Michigan is the testing grounds for Islamic takeover in the U.S.

Rand Paul to Introduce Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013 tsd “The bill restores our Constitutional rights and declares that the Fourth Amendment shall not be construed to allow any agency of the United States government to search the phone records of Americans without a warrant based on probable cause.”

"Dear boys and girls at the TOP SECRET spy network at the National Security Administration (NSA) including the Top Secret Selinux Team.

Greetings and salutations.

My name is Senior Chief Geoff Ross US Navy Retired. (But you already know that) and I live in Navarre Florida ( you know this too)

So how does it feel to work for a Communist like Barry Soetoro the Muslim in the White house ? He’s a character isn’t he ? Well here’s the deal. Now that you guys have been busted for illegally spying on us on Facebook, tracking our phone calls, reading our E mails etc. I say this. Instead of spying on us Americans, why not spy on the Muslims that want to KILL US ? What an amazing idea. Lets start by pulling all the phone records of lets say; all the people who ATTEND MOSQUES ! Then pull all the phone records of people who have HUSSEIN in their name, hey just like President Obama. Imagine that.

Boys and girls at the TOP SECRET spy agency called NSA please don’t let that slimy worm in the White House dupe you into thinking WE THE PEOPLE are the enemy. He’s wrong. You guys really need to stop snooping in our business. It has pretty much pissed off the entire country and we are not going to put up with this crap anymore.

Pick up your copy of the Patriot Act which by the way is unconstitutional and which violates the 4th Amendment and run it through your shredders. The moron that wrote it should understand we the people are have had enough. The fan is spinning, its just a matter of time before the crap hits it !

In the mean time I am going to contact all my friends who have Verizon phone accounts and ask then to start cancelling their contracts. If they get hit with a charge for early termination of contract I reckon you boys in the NSA should pay Verizon for this loss. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, I need to take a nap. I just returned from a 989 mile round trip (but of course you know that already) and I’m tired. But I wanted to send this off to you guys and let you know that yes, I can get a hold of your e mail addresses as easily as you can get mine. (ours)

Now we are watching you. Have an awesome day and don’t forget to log out of my E mail account after you get done looking through it. Thanks. Oh, and if I should like disappear, I guess we should start with you guys first in the investigation.

Have an awesome weekend. Don’t spend too much time playing games on your computers, there are American citizens to spy on. I bet Obama gives you all a raise to keep you all quiet.

Just my opinion.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross US Navy retired

Navarre Florida


PS: Don’t event think about send drones over my house !! Well you can if you want as I could sell the scrap metal on EBay.
Open letter from Senior Chief Ross US Navy (ret) to the NSA.

Michigan is the testing grounds for Islamic takeover in the U.S. fo

the rape of our American youth by self serving Queers. wj

"THE WORLD IS TOTALLY DISTURBED, the minds of My children - and I say this with pain-is completely disturbed, not only by modernism but by the constant pitfalls of technology." RevelacionesMarianas June 5th,2013

Slain Benghazi Victim’s Mom Denied Access To Ceremony Honoring Her Son fo

DHS Insider: It’s about to get very ugly gul1776

Ghost of Columbia- Part II: Legendary Columbia Professor Never Heard of Obama gul1776

We are all terrorist NOW Time@oryr

"Little children, the peace of God be with you.

Fallen angels you call aliens are already among you.

These evil spiritual beings and entities are taking over the bodies of all those who are estranged from God, their mission is to build the adversary’s militant army here on earth. The kings of this world in the service of darkness know of the existence of these beings and they are providing them all their support to invade the earth and thus to begin the great Armageddon.

Little children, do not leave home without wearing your spiritual armor, because you run the risk of being attacked by these evil spiritual entities that are already amongst you. Remember what God's Word says: For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places (Ephesians 6:12) and therefore you should be well protected so you can repel the attacks of these infernal beings.

Do not relax in your prayers, as you well know that you are in spiritual battle; seal with the prayer of the Precious Blood of My Son your physical, mental, biological and spiritual, your immediate family, your home, your relatives, friends, neighbors, your work, material and spiritual being, so that everyone is protected with the Blood of my Son, and no power of evil can harm you.

Little children, these evil entities are already on earth and seek to lose as many souls as possible so that they cannot be part of my Marian Army. Nighttime hours are the time in which you are going to be more vulnerable to attacks by these evil entities, therefore, pray and cover yourselves with the spiritual armor before going to bed and make it extensive to your family. Ask your guardian angel and your guardian angels to assist and protect you at all times and especially during the time of your night's rest, so that no evil force can disturb and rob your peace.

Do the exorcism of our beloved Michael, all the times you deem necessary and also ask for the intercession and protection of souls who have attained the grace of God, to intercede and protect you in this spiritual battle. Remember, only those who persevere in faith will attain the crown of life.

My Rosary is the most powerful weapon I give you, do it every day along with the Rosary of the Precious Blood and Wounds of my Son, and demons will flee in disarray. Make chains of prayer with your brothers and be strong with the Body and Blood of My Son, for you to be true spiritual warriors and no evil force can overcome you.

Little children, fireballs from space will fall into earth and cause much misery, death and desolation. The wicked nations will be punished and many will disappear, all those countries where the blood of my aborted children is shed where sexual impurity, vanity, sodomy and other detestable sin and evil actions are allowed, they will disappear from the face of the earth, as happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Only the righteous that inhabit them will be saved as happened to Lot and his family.

Woe to those fools and foolish sinners who sin and sin, and say: nothing has happened and nothing will happen, continue to sin for life goes on! Oh, how wrong you are young rebels, I tell you, unless you repent sooner than later and retake the path of salvation, all of you will perish.

Little children the strongest days of your purification are about to come, be not stay away from our two hearts, for if you do, you will be lost forever. Remember that God’s mercy is about to depart, to give way to his righteousness, Reckon and leave not your salvation for the last minute. People of God awaken of your spiritual lethargy so you can be prepared and ready, for the triumphant return of my Son is near. Mary Mystical Rose, your Mother.

Urgently make this message known to all mankind." June 3rd, 2013