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Monday, June 10, 2013

PROPHECY: Earth is now filled with lies & deceptions...human life has become the grand deception...as truth is postponed, the situation deteriorates.

The Great Deceptions
(May 22 to May 27, 2013)

► 1. An Invitation to Trust May 22nd, 2013
"Let all the lies and deceptions be disclosed."

► 2. Loving the Darkness May 23rd, 2013
"Few there are who welcome the truth. When there is credit to be taken, they want their full share. Where there is blame, they flee and declare themselves innocent."
“O Mary if you give me your light, I will accept it fully”

► 3. Lies of Mankind May 24th, 2013
"the lie slips easily from the human lips and travels to the very end of the universe. Lies cannot enter heaven where only truth gains admission, so the lie returns to earth and is sown in the field of corruption."

► 4. Lies of the Individual May 25th, 2013
"They are like clouds that cover the sun, not allowing man to live in a full light."

► 5. Lies of the Nation May 26th, 2013
"The great deceptions happen when nations come together. Treaties are signed that are meaningless, just delays so decisions of stealth can be implemented. Lies and deceptions weaken the fabric of society until the problems are unsolvable. Lies become a constant necessity because people do not want to hear the truth. The nation cannot be saved. People have become addicted to the lie. "

► 6. The Light of the Truth May 27th, 2013