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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (May 25-31, 2013)




Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (May 25-31, 2013) joycelist2

May 25, 2013 (10:46am)
Tell My beloved children there will be major attacks in your cities. Stay at home in your own neighborhood as much as possible. My dear children, your president and the powers behind the scenes will be orchestrating all these events to divert attention from all the scandals he is involved in. There is no way no matter what he and his cohorts devise that he will be able to escape the blame for all these scandals. They will all revert back to him. All the lies and deceit will not work this time. He is about to be known for his true self and that is evil, greedy and power hungry. He needs your prayers My dear children. Only a miracle could convert him. My dear ones, your next president has been busy coming up with new and great ideas that will help your country. He has many new organizations that will be led by all pro-life people to help him guide the country back to God and one that believes in the sanctity of life. There will be no death panels which are now in place for all senior citizens and those deemed a liability to the state. Oh, My children, have faith and trust a little while longer and you will see results you never dreamed possible.
I love you, Jesus.

May 26, 2013 (11:15am)
Tell My beloved children to pray for all those who have given their lives for your freedom. Some of you never think of why you are celebrating this holiday and never give a thought to the men and women who died so that you can be free. My dear children, there are so many who want to take away your freedom by destroying your Constitution. They use any means or excuse to keep cutting away at what your country was founded on. They use your courts to depend on when they want to keep coming up with why they think certain Amendments should be made to take away your rights. My dear ones, your country has so many gifts that other countries do not have. Your Constitution is one of your greatest gifts and has to be protected at all costs. My dear ones, I keep warning you to stay close to home in the weeks and months to come. As you get closer to having your president impeached there will be more paid activists who will cause terror among the citizens. Again, if you are in prayer you have nothing to fear. I'm also telling you the plans are still to close all the banks with the hope of getting them open again. You will never get your money back once the banks close. Since you don't know when this is going to happen it would be good for you to take your money out and put it in a safe place. My dear ones, I don't wish to scare you but you must be protected. Your prayers are being heard and the time is getting shorter for all these things to occur. Be at peace in the love of the Lord and His Mother Mary.
I love you, Jesus.

May 27, 2013 (10:26am)
Tell My beloved children due to your prayers and fasting there is greater hope for your country. In spite of the suffering you may have to do temporarily you will still have a great country and president to look forward to. Many of you are questioning your having another president before this Administration is supposed to be out of office but none the less it is true. Before your next election you will have your new president. You won't know the exact time but it will happen. My dear ones, as you were told it is your prayers that is bringing all this about. Now you can be assured of the power of your prayers. Your Constitution will be saved in spite of all the efforts of your president and his chosen officials to bring it down. They will be stunned when they see their agenda failing and falling apart. They will try every scheme possible but it won't work. The enemy is working very hard to help them destroy your country but again your prayers are keeping this from happening. Keep your faith and trust in these words and you will see the positive things occurring which you have been promised.
I love you, Jesus.

May 28, 2013 (11:07am)
Tell My beloved children the truth will set you free. If you examine your conscience and pray to the Holy Spirit you will know what sins you have to work on in order to be free. Some of My children have buried their sins so deep in their hearts they can't or won't acknowledge they even have that sin. Once you are able to name the sin you can start praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you in ridding yourself of that sin. Once you are able to accomplish this with serious sins then you will be free and able to be at peace. Sometimes we are held in bondage to our sins and this is right where the enemy wants us to be. My dear ones, it was never intended for you to be held in bondage by your sins. Your life could be so beautiful in spite of every day happenings that can cause suffering if you stayed close to the Lord in prayer and in the sacraments. My dear children, this Administration is so desperate now that all these different organizations are going after them to get to the truth of the many scandals that are being revealed one after the other. Remember they are determined not to let anyone or anything take away their power and control. Look out for any evil terror attacks to take place. They are biding their time until they think they can get away with an attack they won't be associated with. Your president is running scared and is ruthless to have his agenda take effect. My dear children, as you have been told your new president is forming new groups and agencies to help get your country back on track economically and spiritually. He is a very holy man chosen for these times to lead it back to God. Remember him and his family as you pray for the safety and protection of your country.
I love you, Jesus.

May 29, 2013 (9:42am)
Tell My beloved children to take time to say a prayer for someone in your family who no longer practices his or her faith. It only takes prayer to get these people back. Some of My children don't even think to pray for those away from their faith. They need to also let whoever it is they are praying for know so they can be aware that someone cares about their souls. Oh, My children, so many of you could do a lot of good if you put more effort into praying for family members. There is so much that keeps a person away from their faith. For some it is laziness. They don't want to take the time or effort to get to Church. For others it may be that they don't want to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to pray. There are many reasons for someone losing their faith but if they were in prayer this never would happen. Your faith is such a gift and it should be nourished and treasured. My dear ones, take time out today to ask the Lord for graces for your loved ones to come back to their faith. My children, by now you are hearing and seeing how things are not going well for this Administration. All their plans are falling apart. They never expected for their deeds to be found out. They are making every effort to come up with more lies so no one will be able to prosecute or indict them but it's too late. Even those behind the scenes who are in power realize some drastic measures have to be taken. You can see how your prayers brought all this about. This never would have been able to happen without your prayers. I ask for your continue faith and trust in My words which are being spoken to you through My messenger. Please fast and pray until your next president is able to take his place as My chosen man to lead you on My terms.
I love you, Jesus.

May 30, 2013 (9:27am)
Tell My beloved children to be kind to everyone you meet today. Give them a big smile and say hello to them. Some of My children are so preoccupied with their own thoughts and cares they don't acknowledge those they see around them. You could help them have a good day just by letting them know you care. My dear ones, there is so much activity going on in the White House. The Administration is looking for new ways to gain the confidence of the public. They know their lies are not being believed. Soon there will be resignations and firings of some major people in the Administration. This is so your president will look like he is trying to find out who is involved in all the scandals. Actually he is the one calling all the orders in every scandal. The powers behind the scenes are trying to keep this from being known since that will cinch their losing the next election. My dear ones, do you realize how close you were to losing your country? If it wasn't for some strong prayer warriors and those of you taking these messages seriously this would never have happened. As long as you keep praying, this Administration will fail and your new president will be able to take over. The more you pray and fast the sooner this president and his cohorts will be found out and will lose their power. Keep the faith and trust in these messages which will be fulfilled.
I love you, Jesus.

May 31, 2013 (9:21am)
Tell My beloved children your prayers are working. The documents spoken of here for so long are finally coming out and the people responsible for all the scandals have their signature on them so they can't get away with all their lies. The Administration and the powers behind the scenes are running scared now and are at the loss as to how they can get out of this. The only way they can think of is to cause some major diversion that will allow them to call in the National Guard and call for military action that will cause the government to close down and use Martial Law. Oh, My children, these people are very desperate now and many of those involved in order not to be punished will tell what they know to protect themselves from going to jail. Keep praying, My children, this is what it takes to get these people out and get your new president in.
I love you, Jesus.