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Saturday, June 22, 2013

GM Genocide, #OBOTS go WILD, a CME for summer solstice, WWIII, The Hoax of Sandy Hook, &, American Tax Payer’s $$ for jihad

"Messenger, STEREO B, Spitzer, and their mission operators have been notified." tep


Crazy Storms From All Directions Around Louisiana lash

BRAZIL: 5 Million Farmers Locked In Lawsuit Against Monsanto fo

Les Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes
► { chemtrails = particulate aerosol spraying into the atmosphere = RAIN, RAIN, & MORE RAIN cp }

ItsObvious "It's Russia, Iran, Syria under Assad, Hezbollah, the Baath Party Shia
US, Libya, Egypt, Syrian Rebels, Pakistan, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia Sunni."

Senators move to defund Obama’s Syria intervention iotw

‘No One Is Prepared for What’s Coming’
Muslim Brotherhood Murdering Our Christians!
using American Tax Payer’s Money

OMUSTGO @ oryr

"So what!. I'm running for Senator, not President of the United States." Obama himself to Allan Keyes on live TV several years ago
opps!! Yahoo! News Issues Correction gull1776

Snowden indicted thisainthell
GAP Statement on the Espionage Charge Filed Against Edward Snowden Government Accountability Project

"rubbing the “Sequester” “in the faces of hard-working Americans.” Georgia Democrat John Barrow

UNBELIEVABLE: Sessions says Dems rewrote the whole bill,buried new amendment all throughout the bill trs
Source: Reid, Amnesty Proponents Made Handwritten Changes to Bill breitbart
Sessions Slams Uninformed Dupe Bill O’Reilly On Senate Floor: ‘Not Sufficient To Pass This Bill Based On Spin From Its Sponsors’ PD

BRAVO!! El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power! saf

The Hoax of Sandy Hook mm
"Nothing you hear in the U.S. media is real or in real time." cp

"Kick the sugar habit.....SURE. In other words....GET REAL!! Check out THIS fact.....the number one organ in the body that consumers 30% glucose is THE BRAIN! And IF WE don't get enough glucose....NOT substitues such as aspartame (a poison) or ANY substitute sugar....OUR brain will give us a kick called "cravings for sweets! I have been using sugar (never substitutes or artificial sugars) for over forty years ! Sugar has become the new "whipping boy" because science can not explain the ACTUAL reasons for the tremendous growth in Diabetes and other diseases attributed to sugar! Science today has become more of a "poster boy for special interest groups" than actual REAL, proven, factual science! For example, approximately ten years ago, we, the population was told that eggs were the culprit to high cholesterol and so every health conscious person switched to egg beaters or cut out eggs entirely from their diet. Than about five years ago these same scientists reversed their decision and said that that the cause for the rise in high cholesterol was due to the inflammatory response in the walls of our arteries. HMM!! Meanwhile, just recently, about a year or two ago, scientists have discovered the number one food that helps fight off macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in our middle aged and aging populations. That miracle food responsible for the preventing of macular degeneration IS, you guessed it-----Eggs! SO now I question many, if not most of these "trendy" scientific findings because the unintentional consequences of these scientific findings can lead to the explosion of other diseases. When it comes to the human body, diet, and food choices. I prefer to go down the route of common sense! Farmers work very hard and as a whole do NOT suffer from massive heart problems, Diabetes etc. So ten years ago or more, while the entire population was off eggs, sugar, coffee, bacon, etc. they, the farmers as a group (health wise) were living well into their 80's and 90's! Check it out, it is fact! The key word is the governing food choices and diet IS moderation!!" Anonymous June 21, 2013 at 1:19 PM