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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Divine Intervention, MEDIA BLACKOUT of 56-year-old confined to a wheelchair had his throat slashed by Daha Mohammed, &, aka “King Salim Shabazz"

Divine Intervention or Russian Torpedo? Container Ship Carrying U.S. Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half/Sinks... Reason Unexplained... AMAZING PHOTOS! rfn

Infamous NBPP leader King Salim Shabazz arrested on gun charge tcn

Tommy 'Stones-of-steel' defends Pamela & Robert

"I’ve had it up to here with this sh*t." vtb

NEAR TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT on throat-slashing murder of British disabled man in a wheelchair by another Muslim savage BNI

“Everytime President Barack Obama appears to be emblazoned in some kind of scandal, the media focus and the attention is on him and he’s taking heat; there seems to be one of these tragic events that appears to correlate, with these scandals and somehow divert the attention and divert the cameras away from President Barack Obama.” The string of recent USA government / media massacre hoaxes mm

Smart Meter Surveillance Use Confirmed saf

Bill the Shill up against someone who actually read the WHOLE bill