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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Constitutional Standoff: "all bets are off for Barry Soetoro.", How can NSA whistleblower Snowden be guilty of treason if NSA claims it isn’t spying on you?, &, giant 240-mile line of thunderstorms

Live Updates: Severe Weather, Tornado Threat

Mid-West braces for giant 240-mile line of thunderstorms: 1-5 Americans told to prepare for devastating derecho tep

Constitutional Standoff:
Obama Syndicate vs. the People

Steve Stockman Requests Subpoena Of NSA’s White House, IRS Phone Logs: “If Obama Has Nothing To Hide He Has Nothing To Fear” fo

U.S. Constitution Closing In On Barack Obama: Barry Soetoro’s Identity Fraud. pvc

"This next war is going to be biological… nuclear terror… there’s already a cyber war occurring… this is violence and terror at a whole new scale…" shtfplan

Obama the Number 1 US Terrorist mm

Still not getting it, ProgNazis?:
Remember The Machine™& The Switch™

Revolt Among Republicans on Immigration Bill: 70 House Members Risk Careers in Planned Showdown With Leadership tb

with both hands and feet: WAKE UP, HANNITY! pr

Shock Claim: Glenn Beck Has Hacked Emails Used To Blackmail Chief Justice John Roberts Over Obamacare Ruling? oryr

Fox News staffer says network refuses to report Obama identity fraud obc

Parents of SEAL Killed in Afghanistan Join Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Against the Gov’t After ‘their Verizon Phone was Tapped’ pu

While Your Phone Calls Are Tracked & Stored –
Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques
How can NSA whistleblower Snowden be guilty of treason if the NSA claims it isn’t spying on you after all? nn
"The leaders in the pulpits of America are professionally ignorant cowards. Ministers and rabbis go to Family of Abraham events with Muslims and tip toe around any criticism. They cry over the Crusades and believe whatever they are told by Muslims. Over 100,000 Christians were murdered last year and there is an ongoing jihad against Israel, but not a word will be spoken to the Muslims about the Islamic crimes. Tears will be shed over graffiti on a mosque, but not one mention of Christians being machine gunned at Christmas services in Egypt." TENNESSEE: A victory in the war against the Muslim Brotherhood BNI

Most Slaves In America Were White

These Links from Natural News on GMOs etc Need to be Read.
The dismal future of food nn

No significant warming for 17 years 4 months wuwt