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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Border Security / Fire Jihad / Obama Cover-up, “Unprecedented Slobbering”, the sewer dwellers, the death squads, Bernanke, Soros &

"...before all else forgive in the family and then you will be able to forgive others."
the Lord’s prayer is Our Lady’s prayer

Award winning war correspondent dies in car explosion hours after contacting wikileaks tcn

FBI director admits drones used for surveillance of Americans fom

"the Deathsquad and local police...are killing every homeless in sight to keep the city clean, so these kids are hiding in sewers to stay alive."
"Michelle's two-day $5.2 million side trip, however, was a mere slum tour compared to the Obamas' next taxpayer funded junket -- a "heritage tour" of three nations in southern Africa the week of June 26 to July 3, with an estimated cost between $80 and $100 million. Living Rich and Famous, Obama Style: The $100 MILLION Family Vacation ppus

"If this country returns to Christianity it may survive.
If it doesn't, it will continue it's slow-motion suicide."

Obama aiding enemy
Explosion in Canada hisz.rsoe
the largest land invasion in the history of the North American continent. FLUSA
IN Mexico, they would have been shot. tpnn
TALES of MARCO RUBIO: Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border fo

"They’re frightened, the ruling class and its useful idiots. Again. I can smell it." JeffG.@PW

self-deluded fools,
on who's lying & so far it ain't Snowden,
The Other Court-Packing Scandal,
but no mention of Geo-Engineered weather!

"Where have we gone off the rails? Enough is enough! Why don’t these people kick the tires?" We have two options, and both lead to complete and utter disaster. shtfp

The man behind the contrived Boston Marathon “bombing” government and media event mm

EPIC SPEECH Irish Lawmaker Denounces “Unprecedented Slobbering” Over “War Criminal” Obama gwp

Obama Administration Attempts to Intimidate State Department Whistleblower gb

Istanbul, Turkey
, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Singapore, & the Chicot Aquifer.