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Saturday, May 11, 2013

WIDE AWAKE AMERICA !: it's all about KILLING SEALS, Bibi goes to Putty over Syria, spooks & rogue spin-offs

Two popes prayed together Friday at the Vatican, one Catholic and one Orthodox

"My heart is broken and, from this deep sorrow, I speak."
Locutions to the World

I felt it. I cannot explain it. airmaria

"it will be God who continues speaking to humanity through the nobility and humility of his littlest children, the favorites of the Kingdom of Heaven." cna


Why Are All The SEAL Team 6 Soldiers That ‘Killed Bin Laden’ Dying? nteb

6 August 2011 Chinook military helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, shootdown in Afghanistan wiki

Demand The Truth… What Really Happened Regarding Extortion 17? p4a

May 9, Thursday 10:00 AM, National Press Club, Washington, DC dll

Unreal: WH Holds Off-the-Record Benghazi Briefing for Hand-Picked Reporters patriotupdate

"this has everyone's hands in it to cover their own behinds, starting from the Obama on down"

Geraldo: Benghazi cover-up all about arms shipments tcn

Bibi Netanyahu Goes to Russia to Talk With Putin About Weapons to Syria tcm

"Hillary: Under the Bus; as even msnbc circles the wagons around their masters" gwp

Testimony: Elements of Militia State Dept. Hired to Station Members Inside Benghazi Compound Were ‘Complicit’ in 9/11/12 Terrorist Attack cnsn

something much more sinister afoot then an industrial accident or a pipe bomb. fo "He is a hard working white male. Just what the MSM ordered. The MSM and the Gov't will just make up the rest of the information they need to make the poor sap into a "Domestic Terrorist"."

CIA fingerprints all over Boston Marathon bombings cp "The patsie's “Uncle Tsarny" is part of the “family” of rogue CIA spook Graham Fuller. And the patsies were set up with the help of another rogue CIA spin-off – the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), which uses American tax dollars to murder innocent civilians by the thousands in Iran.
This shouldn’t be surprising. After all, the “radical Muslim terrorists” in Chechnya are heavily supported by the CIA; their job is to attack Russia, not the US. The whole idea of a “self-radicalized Chechen” attacking the US is preposterous."