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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

URGENT - Prayer Warriors & Patriots: Obama Signed “Operation Ring Of Fire” Exec Order For NUKES and MARTIAL LAW - There is no turning back.


"..prayer changes things. God can move the hearts of men and change their plans.."
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Obama Signed “Operation Ring Of Fire” Exec Order For NUKES and MARTIAL LAW
"The truth is, Americans have been marked for DEATH by the NWO planners and by her very own government and military. 9/10th’s of the American people have already been marked for death, in fact, for the globalist population reduction agenda. The SEAL’s brother, also military and working with him in this covert work, is very ill now from radiation poisoning after the last nuke detecting/disabling operation a month ago. “He feels he is dying from radiation poisoning now…” Christian readers, pray for him. None of this is a hoax or a game. We are dealing with real-life people and the potential for a deadly national crisis to come, and the lives of millions at stake as a result all across America." gul1776

"He's putting the heat to them, and they're desperate." M.B.@oryr

Another Cover-Up: Camp Bastion In Afghanistan patriotsbillboard

via noisyroom Update on Benghazi Whistleblowers - Attorney for State Department witness: Administration stonewalling investigation freebeacon "Obama's got his protocols scrubbed of Islam and jihad, and the Boston City Council helped pay for that shiny new mosque." Holy Prophet APF@JW DHS Investigating Possible Human Trafficking at Saudi Diplomatic Compound "The home is located in McLean, Va., near the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency." fb “Mary, lead me out of my darkness. Take me into the light”. Locutions to the World 4/19/13