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Saturday, May 4, 2013

the 1st lie: Soetoro the living crap fest, "This paradigm is called steamrolling the field for the Regressive Clinton", DOUBLE-PEAKED M FLARE & MAJOR storm ripping through Europe, &, Destroying American freedom one FARM @ a time

the storm ripping through Europe is MAJOR

And with this statement the serpent fathered the first lie in this world – not living according to the will of God is without consequences. cos

Destroying American freedom one FARM @ a time farmtoconsumer

A Mutiny at Occidental Petroleum lasinkhole

(did they have hearings? so much crap to remember. just keeping up with this president is a living crap fest) pr

"Al-Qaeda is a Sunni group and Hezbollah is Shiite." CFR

Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah – Can You Tell The Difference? cija

& the Russian take: "One of the leaders of international terrorist network Al-Qaeda has blamed Lebanese Islamist movement Hezbollah and the Lebanese army for protection of Israel from terrorists." RT
"The two are natural enemies, and Al-Qaeda has condemned Hezbollah on several occasions. It has even tried to make Hezbollah look bad by launching rockets into Israel that later get blamed on Hezbollah." MBach 4/6/10

State Dept Hired Al-Qaeda To Defend Diplomatic Mission In Benghazi fo "We want answers and we want accountability. Impeachment will not be enough. An offense of this magnitude cries of treason and demands prosecution. That’s a fact. Here is a legal definition of treason: The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies."

Israel just bombed Syria over the hezzies

Secret Timeline Shows Obama Admin Doctored Intelligence Talking-Points on Benghazi Six Weeks Before 2012 Election patriotupdate

another MSNBC lie: Here comes the commie left birther movement
falcon@oryr "This paradigm is called steamrolling the field for the Regressive Clinton."

the terrorist in chief ra

"For five years now the courts, County, State, and Federal have refused to hear our petitions. The courts have dismissed our challenges against the illegal alien that now sits as the U. S. Commander in Chief. Not a single court in Amerika has given any petitioner a fair hearing, fair discovery, nor been given “standing” in the matter of challenging the citizenship of Mr. Barry Soetoro (aka BHO)." obc

Either the President is lying - and needs to be impeached, or he's NOT lying -- and needs to be impeached -- because he DIDN'T know what was happening! flusa

in the UK: "Wasn’t it just six months ago that children were removed from a home because the Foster parents were UKIP members? My how times have changed." dtg

Why is Pres Obama silent? Aleppo bishop: Christians pained and worried by the fate of kidnapped prelates. mfs-ton