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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado Weather Warfare, Beheaded in London, Did Inspector General IRS-Auditer ‘Date’ Moochelle?


"Satellite imagery of this tornado, the chemtrails highlighted and seen all over the larger storm responsible for this disaster…" ac

FUKUSHIMA DEATHS Fukushima diary

"I hate to sound racist. But, I have noticed that the liberals are very abusive of black people that oppose Obama and his policies. Liberals expect all black people to get on the Obama band wagon and praise his socialist policies and be one of the entitlement class. Liberals are the biggest racist and hypocrites going."

Breaking => Gang Of Eight Gone Wild Violates Will Of The People: Approves $6.3 Trillion New Taxpayer Debt For Immigration Amnesty! pvc

Wait, Did the Inspector General Who Audited the IRS ‘Date’ Michelle Obama? rfn

Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records tgr

Megyn Kelly vs. Gosnell's Attorney. Whoa!!! cmr


Will Muslim Immigration Trigger Wars in Europe?
"Europeans are now coming out of a deep dream of peace. There is no peace. They have done something tremendously stupid, and more than stupid, by allowing in people who bear in their mental luggage something inimical to Western ways, who are hostile to Western political and social understandings, and who -- save for a few who will leave Islam altogether -- cannot be integrated. These peopole, now close to 20 million, also reproduce at rates three to four times higher than the indigenous Infidels. The mathematics of this, and the misery of this, and the menace of this, is clear." fjordman via Two men ‘shot by armed police after hacking soldier in Help for Heroes T-shirt to death with machetes in busy London street’ vtb