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Monday, May 20, 2013

Methane in the Bayous, The real fight is in Alabama, Department of Defense Instruction (DODI), No. 3025.21, amendment to repeal Monsanto Protection Act

via sincedutch "how long will you stay? if you were my family and I loved you, I would beg you with all my heart, to leave, for your LIFE, you guys are literally DODGING BULLETS, DAILY, it's not a matter if something happens, it's WHEN,"

"The real fight is in Alabama." chris farrell 1st comment@obc "The rest of Mister Obama’s illegal, illegitimate administration is about one thing and one thing only: Making sure that it is not undone by the next administration, be that administration constitutionally legal or not. Any agendas such as gun control that Mister Obama may have wished to advance are effectively derailed for the remainder of his criminal usurpation of the presidency. The most important thing to the preservation of all the advances that Mister Obama has made for Islam is that the next president of the United States be constitutionally ineligible–NOT a “natural-born” citizen. If that can be arranged then the next criminal usurper will have his or her hands tied from addressing the crimes of Obama."

Take Action: Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act! pvc

Imagine this picture: Two corrupt lawyers in the White House at the same time. oryr

Department of Defense Instruction (DODI), No. 3025.21: It’s a grant of emergency power to the military to rule over parts of the country at their own discretion. fom

IRS Scandal Moves Closer To Special Prosecutor tur

the new Nixon. The next Bill Clinton. FO