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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Looting the US since 1913, Sidley Austin, the released Saudi national vs. the Chenchen Boston Bombing Suspect - it's that whole "Sunni"/Shiite" thing y'all & whos's on WHAT side, &,

In the battle between the grass roots/pro-lifers and the moderate wing, the moderate wing won. dtg "If Gomez wants to be an Obama-supporting, Navy SEAL, fiscal conservative and call himself a “Republican,” well, it’s a nice change from pro-life, pro-family fiscal conservatives who call themselves Democrats"

"...but sometimes, the babies come out ALIVE."


Crash The United States & Give Birth To The Banker’s New World Order: Hold Onto Your Lug Nuts & GET READY ~ The Next 72 Hours Are Going To Be Insane ~ In Fact All Of May. PVC

Urgent broadcast: Understanding & surviving hand-to-hand financial combat

Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface In Alabama Eligibility Case fo "All of this is going to make certain people a little uneasy who think this is just a “birther issue.” It’s not. It’s a criminal issue. It’s a national security issue."

New Plaintiff Petition for FL Supreme Court Voeltz v Obama Eligibility Case Appeal obc

LATEST! MORE VIPS ON BOARD with Obama Fraud Case in

Obama administration Pentagon appointees meeting with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein to develop court-martial procedures to punish Christians in the military who express or share their faith.

As a result of citizens activism SB58 Placed back on the floor! By Sen Chief Geoff Ross (Ret)
"Dear Patriots across Florida and the United States,
Senate Bill 58 has been placed BACK on the floor for a vote on Thursday. I now expect all American loving pro-Constitution Florida State Senators to vote YES on this bill. Of course I also expect all the progressive RINO, left wing anti American pro United Nations loving New World order Democrat Senators to vote NO."

Alabama Senate Votes To Ignore New Federal Gun Laws

The Pigford Scandal — Pigs Feeding at the Taxpayers’ Trough wtpotus

" Wasn't there two Saudi's... one in pics and one whose hands were badly burned and tackled to the ground?
how come we never saw or heard from the American who tackled him?" mg4us@gwp

SUSPECT #1, #2, #3, #4, ...

No evidence Boston bomber radicalized before first FBI interview fn

Russian Calls Out Obama As A Communist wj

Saudi Arabia warned DHS that Tsarnaev was plotting a terrorist attack tcn

& another saudi national re-considered:
Renewed interest in imprisoned Saudi National in Murder of Prison Chief? WS

& the Lord God 'rains' down on the Saudis: Extreme Weather in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, 01 May, 2013 at 11:33 (11:33 AM) UTC.

"prior to the magistrate’s visit to his hospital room, Tsarnaev had repeatedly asked for a lawyer, but the FBI simply ignored those requests, instead allowing the interagency High Value Detainee Interrogation Group to continue to interrogate him alone:" GEE

a little background if you will:

~ Sunni-Shia strife: The sword & the word economist
"Saudi schools teach that Shiism is a Jewish heresy"
~ regional power rivalry between Saudi Arabia & Iran tgm "It has been reported that Russia is supplying the Syrian Government with helicopter gunships, Turkey (ed. & the US under Soetoro) is supplying weapons to the rebel Syrian National Army, and the CIA is operating in southern Turkey in an “advisory” capacity."
~ The American U-turn: the "Bloody Evening"
Sunni vs. Shia
~ Sunnis, Shiites, and the Arab Spring wpb

The double game indeed: why would they deny a most pious Muslim in Tamerlan the pilgrimage to Mecca? JW

she bombed the ###Kng pentagon
& is NOW a law professor @ northwestern University School Of Law w/out a Law license!!!

Obama's Terrorist Ties: Yesterday & Today:
Sidley Austin & "very white & very well educated."
~ "Lenin (Soviet Union) called for an alliance between Marxists and Islamists in 1924 to "defeat western imperialism". He also called liberals "useful idiots".
Saul Alinsky (a gay Jewish communist) updated Marxism for American radicals in his book "Rules For Radicals" in the 1960s which he dedicated to Lucifer.
Michelle Obama was an associate at the Sidley Austin law firm when she met her husband. Many of Obama's earliest supporters are linked to terrorism including Bill Ayers and his wife."

& in VENEZUELA: Bloody Brawl Breaks Out in Venezuelan Parliament After Marxists Tear Down Opposition Banner GWP

if gay marriage is legalized, how will that affect the constitutionally protected idea of freedom of religion? tsd