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Monday, May 13, 2013

Jailed w/no trail for failure to pay debts in Ohio!, "he would much prefer to be at home, removing his own spleen with a hedge trimmer", &, NAME THAT PERSON


Liberals – The Undisputed Masters of Accidental Irony nicedoggie via iowntheworld

Thousands in Ohio too poor to pay debts, jailed with no trial federaljack

"Those bullets not only were intended to dry up supplies but were intended to stock pile for future use against the unrest of Americans, law abiding citizens that would finally say, enough is enough, that had reached their ends, of all ends and would fight to protect their country and family at all cost. This administration knew the bible thumping, gun totting, American, loving patriot, was armed and dangerous, and he would one day come knocking, to defend his country, from all enemies foreign and domestic. They planned accordingly. They planned, for the mass, entrapments, FEMA camps, and the confiscation of all. They planned how to overthrow law abiding citizens, through criminal acts, using, the system and laws, of this nation, circumventing them and breaking them. They, hacked sites, confiscating, email addresses, phone numbers, on line retail accounts and changed passwords, IDs, and utilized them to their advantages. They shut down patriots ability to obtain any means to buy reloading supplies, ammo, or anything relating to guns, even though the laws in their state them to buy them. If in fact you did buy something relating to shooting, on line, your accounts were hacked, you were followed every where on line, and they spied, waiting, in the dark, to alter, and change your account log in, so you could not log on and purchase again, making it harder, more difficult for future purchases, with having to spend time, resources on the phone, on line to get every thing back, up and working. These who, we're hired to patrol all the sites, broke the laws, regardless what states they sat behind their computers in. I for one, was shut down more times then I can count, times, when not even the retailer could over ride the blocks set on my accounts to reset, my ID, password, and my account had to go to upper management, for intervention, over ride to Getta done. I have had, social security, accounts hacked, retail accounts hacked, charge accounts hached, IRS, come knocking, phones hacked, emails hacked, you name it, all hacked, repeatedly. All in the name of social justice. All for the reasons, I was a patriotic American, and I loved my country, and did not like what this man was doing to her, and the men and woman that were dying under his command died because he refused to help them, he was AWOL.. Where was their justice, where is our justice ? I pray that social justice as well as our justice system holds everyone responsible for the criminal activity that they have done not only to me, but to millions and the unsung heros that have risked it all and died protecting this nation, and the lives, and liberty, that these criminals seem not to give a chit about !!!!!! " Time@oryr

& for the bonus question, WHO WAS SHE: "Because she was a liar... an unethical, dishonest lawyer...conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality." digitaljournal

vintage Hillary GUL1776

MSM Conventional Wisdom Circa May 5th 2013 vs This Morning dtg
the MSM seven days ago:
1. Benghazi was a non story promulgated by Fox news
2. Anyone who said the IRS targeted the TeaParty was a conspiracy theorist
3. People who said Democrats wanted to confiscate guns were from the fringe of the NRA or wacko bloggers

ABC News' Terry Moron On IRS-Gate: A Truly Nixonian Abuse Of Power By The Obama Administration; Drops The Ball And Heads To The Game oryr

"The Marx Brigades are simply dumbfounded (dumber than usual that is) that Ogabecare hasn’t magically made healthcare free! As I read the comments about how their health insurance premiums are skyrocketing and how they’re losing their savings and even jobs, " LC ShadowFox@nicedoggie