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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

it's that “rippled” look: Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Linked to Evidence of Weather Modification

"I play with the plans of men. My right hand prepares miracles and My name shall be glorified in all the world. I shall be pleased to break the pride of the wicked much more when the world will be most hostile to all that is supernatural. And much more admirable and extraordinary will be the event that will come out of our encounter. In place of the throne of the Beast two glorious thrones will arise, one of My Sacred Heart and the other of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Then it will be understood that neither human power nor demons nor genius of industry will end the conflict, but that will end only when reparation has been consummated. Be courageous! The Kingdom of God is near. It will begin with something that will come so suddenly as to be entirely unexpected." Jesus to Martha Robin

"May 20 in Norman, Oklahoma a few hours after the devasting tornado hit Moore" / photo: h i g h l y_inspired

Evidence of Aerosol Weather Modification to Enhance Tornado Conditions CP "Conductive aerosols under the influence of electromagnetic radiation are easily detected via satellite image. These metallic aerosols are distinguished from normal clouds of water vapor by their “rippled” appearance as they take on visible characteristics of the applied electromagnetic frequency."

"by their “rippled” appearance" photo: Bill Davis "We've had some alarming weather every day this week. Today was the worst and it seemed like it happened very quickly, "

Time Lapse of Moore, Oklahoma Tornado - 5/20/3013

"At the same time as these reports the military was doing fly bys of its new non-manned aircraft….could it be that??? All the places are near the military bases…..Just a thought???." 4 Fireballs at Four in Last 24 Hours amsmeteors

MORE ABOUT THAT EXORCISM: Pope said prayer to liberate a young boy from demons after Pentecost mass vaticaninsider "Exorcists who saw the scene are adamant it was a prayer to free the boy from evil, in other words, an exorcism." video via Da Mihi Animas